Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peony's for Remembrance

Memorial Day is often celebrated by placing peony's on graves.
I love peony's just for the pure pleasure of their beauty.
Yesterday I celebrated the day by attending a Peony Festival.
This spring time I have seen so many beautiful flowers.
Flowers make a glorious welcome to the sunshine.
Enjoy the day by remembering and sniffing a beautiful flower.


PeggyR said...

I love peonies also. Ours are about done. I especially like the white ones. We have the real light pink ones.

Laurie said...

the iris's I planted last year are opening, and each one is a wonderful surprise, as I don't remember all the colors I planted. Each has their own unique scent, and I'm taking your advice and sniffing the flowers today!

SE'LAH... said...

Peonies are my absolute most favourite flower.
I didn't know they were used on memorial day though.
Thanks for teaching me something new.

Hope you are having a great week. one love.

koralee said...

Oh how I adore these flowers...I have some huge Pink ones..pale as pale can be...I adore them. I can't take my eyes off of them. Hugs for a great new week. xoxoxo

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

love that there is a Peony Festival!! How much joy can you have in one place!

Thanks for that beautiful collage!

parTea lady said...

Your collage of peonies is beautiful. My grandmother had them in her garden in Canada. I'd love to have a couple of peony bushes.

Tracy said...

Peonies...*sigh*...summer is here! I just love peonies. We have four bright pink ones, but I'm itching for a white one. Along with roses, they are queens of the garden. Happy Week, Marilyn :o) ((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

I love your peonies memorial day thoughts and you

Your starbucks gift card and card arrived today
Thanks a latte

I am so blessed to have you as my friend
I love you
Much love and many blessings♥

somepinkflowers said...

oh my


i am over here


Relyn said...

Peonies are so very beautiful. You captured them so well.