Friday, August 26, 2011

Alberta Last Thursday Street Fair

The last Thursday of each month the neighborhood nearby celebrates, parties, and gives opportunity
for those that want to dress up or down to parade down Alberta Avenue.
In summer the street is full of entertainment of all kinds
and street vendors of things I hadn't even thought of to sell.
I sat along the curb for awhile with my camera and watched the parade go by.
Then I walked awhile.
At one of the booths my husband recognized someone you may know.
We stopped to chat and I asked if I could take his picture.
He said only if I was in the picture.
Do you recognize him?
The younger people stopping by didn't know who he was,
but we had in years past gone to one of his concerts.
Oh my husband took the picture, but he was so jealous because
he was the fan more than myself.  Just smiling!
So here's the picture, let me know if you know who it is.
Hint: remember the song Puff the Magic Dragon?

Yes, Dutchbaby was the first to guess, it was Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary.
He was promoting his new children's book and CD.