Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tea with Little Friends

Thanks for tea, it is divine!
Lily brought her handbag along for tea.
Mae checking the saucer to see if there is more tea there.
Oh yes, I think I will just sip like the British do.
More please!
Let's have a little tea on the run.
A mobile tea party is just our style.
What's a tea party without food.
Sushi and veggies were the perfect thing for this tea party.
Then there was time to make big picture hats for
our next tea party.  There was buttons,
bows, glitter glue, and great fun being creative with felt pens too.
What fun I had sharing tea with Lily (age 3) and Mae (age 1).
We are already planning our next tea party where there will be time for dress up.

Note:  double click on the pictures if you would like to see more detail.
Having a tea party for young children I am learning you must go with the flow,
and tea (or lemonade) did flow.