Wednesday, August 10, 2011


What did you do in the summertime as a child?
The Sunday Parade that comes with the paper had an article
called The Joys of Summer.

This is something I have also thought of.
My childhood included swinging on a rope swing,
riding my bike through the neighborhood,
playing ball down at the corner with the boys,
and singing loud and clear as I swung from the branches of trees.

Kids today are not allowed to enjoy their childhood.
They don't have time to daydream or study the clouds
or just be lazy.
"Sometimes doing nothing is doing something."
Even as adults we need times of rejuvenation.

Now go out and encourage the child in you and those around you
to take time for daydreams.


Faye said...

I too remember a childhood much different from the 'childhood' of today. My grandkids are so scheduled with 'activities', they don't have time to daydream. (My sermonette for today!)

Adrienne said...

I played and played and played. And went swimming and rode my bike and laid back in the grass to watch the clouds and dream of things to come!

Christina said...

i know... i always try and remember these wise words, with my children. and sometimes people tell me, our kids need to take life more seriously. why i ask them. there will be plenty of time, for all that, why rush it.

somepinkflowers said...

my cousins lived in the same neighborhood
and times seemed safe


we stayed outside
until supper playing games
red rover, red rover,
dodge ball
and swing~the~statue...

we all had to B home
when the street lights came on...
that kind of thing.

{{ i have benches in my gardens now
that i rarely sit on
as i am too busy pulling weeds
and planting
and such...

sometimes i do make myself stop and Just Sit
my head tells me
Go Get Things Done! }}

beth said...

my best memories of childhood are games of "kick the can" and ding dong ditch.....

oh and climbing on rooftops in the winter when the snow piled up really high :)

Angela McRae said...

Oh, childhood summers were wonderful! Swimming at the city park (and later having friends over when we got a pool), spend the night parties, going to the library for the Summer Reading Club, picking maypops and stomping them, eating freshly-picked watermelons and strawberries, getting up while it was still dark to drive to the beach for a week with my family, getting an icy cold *bottled* Dr. Pepper along the way, waiting on the new Sears catalog to arrive and choose new school clothes ... kind of wish I could go back and do it all again!

Annie said...

Two of my happiest memories are in northern Wisconsin. We would visit Uncle Cap's house on Post Lake and spend weekends jumping off the dock, swimming and enjoying the squish of muddy silt and explore the surrounding area, always knowing where to avoid the quicksand of our imagination.

Our last house there before returning to California was across from a city park. Running through the park was a river and I would spend hours playing and exploring on the banks hiding in the undergrowth. Alas, I wouldn't encourage a child to do that today.

Chris Graham said...

Woohoo! It is surprising what others throw away and it becomes a treasure to me! (LOL)

Mary said...

My English childhood after WWII was so amazingly wonderful. Living near the beach, with the countryside just up the road in the opposite direction, I spent the 6 weeks of Summer holiday from school, swimming, bike riding, exploring, learning (wild flower names - shell types), mushroom picking in the fields where the dairy cows hung out. Then I had a special treat of riding the bus along the coast to spend a week with my cousin Sue in her beachfront home. We were young teens then and always pretended to be French - in dress and speech - so we could 'show off' to the northern holidaymakers who filled the seaside town all Summer! We thought we were so sophisticated.

Loving memories of those days, and yes, kids today are not having fun Summers like we did - especially those who opt to stay indoors 24/7 on computers and TV's etc.

Mary X