Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harvest Time

For me Harvest Time has always meant Gravenstein apples.
So on Sunday I went searching for them.
I found some in Hood River, just below Mt. Hood along the Columbia River.
They were a bit green, but will make delicious pies, the best for sure.
But what I saw everywhere I looked were pears.
There were green ones, ones with a blush, and bright red ones,
then big ones and small ones too.  There were all varieties of pears.
I love this time of year when harvest is in the air.
Can there be anything more beautiful than fresh fruit, flowers, and vegetables
growing nearby at this time of year?
What is your favorite harvest produce to find right now, today?


tea time and roses said...

Hello Marilyn,

The apples and pears are beautiful! Indeed there are few things as wonderful as fresh harvest fruit picked right from the tree! They are certainly beautiful in there natural beauty without all the wax and other stuff you find in the supermarkets.

I can imagine just how wonderful those apples pies will be!:o) Enjoy your harvest fruit and delicious apple pie!



Joy said...

Yum - those look delicious. My favorite local produce recently has been fresh corn, but in about 6 weeks it will be Stamen Winesap apples! There are orchards about 30 miles away and I will visit. :-)

Angela McRae said...

Funny that harvest time is on your mind, too! I made cinnamon muffins almost the minute I sensed that first cooling whiff of fall in the air. Next up: Caramel Apple anything!

Chris Graham said...

Apples mean Fall is in the air! Yes! We are patiently waiting for it here in Louisiana.
Have fun eating, cooking, baking ....

Darlene - The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

Today, I just harvested some nice plump figs from my fig tree. I pulled out my dehydrating machine and have 2 trays of figs drying. the aroma in the house is amazing! I'm attempting to create my own fig tea blend today.

I'm definitely looking forward to going apple picking soon. Fall is on the way!

Marilyn, your photos are simply amazing! What kind of camera do you use?

Blessings, Darlene

Annie said...

Hah! I recognize that teapot. I have one of them. said...

I love your Franciscan Apples teapot. I have been looking for one. it was my grandma's pattern and I love it so... lovely photos!!

Adrienne said...

Peaches and Gravenstein apples - my favorites this time of year! Love the flavors. Nothing quite like getting them at the orchard.

Mary said...

Figs - the small ones on my two trees to add to salads, or bake in the oven with butter and Acacia honey, and the big dark beauties available at Costco from sunny California - already made a batch of preserves with those.

Hugs - Mary