Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Tea in the Garden

By now you must know I love having tea outdoors.
Last fall a good friend got married.
It was the second marriage for both and they had two homes to merge.
Many of their friends realized they didn't need wedding gifts;
so we gave them gifts of our time.
My gift was tea in the garden this summer.
It was a beautiful day spent with friends.

Double click on the smaller pictures if you would like a closer look.

Marionberry sorbet
Hummus and tomato on brown bread
Egg salad with nasturtiums on white bread
Chicken curry salad on puff pastry
Cucumber with mint on nutty bread
Goat Cheese Tarts
Taiwan Black Tea
Scones with cream and jam
Lemon curd Tart with cream and cherry
Shortbread cookie
Molten Chocolate Cake with raspberries
Baozhong Oolong Tea

It was a lovely afternoon spent with friends
and a gift I enjoyed giving.