Friday, August 12, 2011

Free, A very good price!

A peek inside my home.
I love decorating with bargains and free things.
Recently my husband found this ladder in a pile of trash near our house.
I thought it was the perfect thing to display some of my vintage table cloths.
What do you think?

Friends gave me this vintage stroller as they were cleaning out
their family home.  It is quite sweet, but not sure what I will do with it.
Any suggestions?

Do you like to decorate your home with other peoples discards?
Find fun ways to display something unusual in your home?
Please share, I would love to hear.

Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers this week for my husband.
His heart test on Monday went very well and we all have a better idea
of what has caused us to rush to emergency 4 times in the past year.
Yesterday radiation started and went well.  This will be an ongoing
for the next 7 weeks, but we expect good things from this also.


anodyne said...

That vintage stroller looks disturbingly like the one I had as a baby/toddler. I guess that means I've also reached vintage status. :-) Anodyne

paris parfait said...

Ooh, put a plant in that vintage stroller - will be fab. Love these glimpses into your home. Thanks for your comments recently...added more photos to the last post. Have been so backed up w/ deadlines, haven't had a chance to visit my fave blogs. Hope you're having a lovely summer. xx

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I found a little potty training chair,circa 1969 in our neighbor's trash. My husband said, WHAT?! but then I stuck a plant in it - perfect. I think the stroller would work well with a plant as well!

The ladder is my favorite, of course! Tea towels!

So glad you and your husband are off to a good start on this journey of recovery.

Your house is beautiful!

Joy said...

Love the ladder! I had a stroller like that one when I was a baby (I guess that makes me vintage, too). My hubby (at the time) repainted it and we used it for our children once they got where they could sit up by themselves. I have it on my deck, and putting a plant into it is a good idea. Next summer, maybe. I'm tired of carrying water to my outdoor potted flowers this summer.

parTea lady said...

Your linen ladder looks great. I vote for plant for the stroller too - it would make moving a large potted plant much easier.

Hope your husband's treatment goes very well.

Linda said...

Marilyn, you came up with the best use for the ladder. I love how it looks in your house. I like rescuing old items, but I'm not good at finding a new purpose for them.

beth said... could ship the baby stroller to me to be used for baby shoots.....just saying :)

beth said...

ps....thinking of YOU and your husband....xo

Annie said...

Set in seasonal potted plants Marilyn. How cheerful that would be.

I love the ladder. If Don found that and I wasn't around to over-rule not bringing it home, it would never darken our door. Lucky you to have a man with EYES. LOL

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Love the tea towels on the ladder! The stroller is adorable! I was going to say a plant, but since everybody else said plant, I'll suggest stuffing it with silk flowers! Or put a baby doll, or a teddy bear in it!

So happy to hear good news about your husband.


Adrienne said...

Good news about your hubby! Continued prayers for him - and for you - for good results and a return to good health.

Love your 'new' ladder. It's perfect!


Karen's Place said...

Glad to hear good news that your hubby health in better. The biggest thing is they know what they are treating. LOVE the ladder for you tablecloth collection!!!! Enjoy your blog so much,

Trixie and Dustin of said...

YES, I love to decorate with "foundlings" -- they are synchronistic treasures from the universe!

So nice to see some of yours :-) Even better is to read the uplifting news from Week One of Jim's radiation -- let it go on as it began: well and ever more well.
xo, Trix

Kate said...

I like the idea of the ladder to display your tablecloth mind jumped to quilts!

koralee said...

Love your ladder...I have one I must put up in my new home...had it in my old home and sort of forgot about it. ...Thanks for the reminder...may use it in my bathroom for towels. xoxox HUGS

Tracy said...

So very glad your husband is all right, Marilyn...Thoughts & prayers going his way, and to you too as you both deal with this. :o) LOVE the ladder. I've always wanted one of those, as I like to display textiles as art. I like anything old, with a patina, the more chips in the paint, the better--anything well used, and, hopefully, loved. ((HUGS))

tea time and roses said...

Hello Marilyn,

So happy to hear your dear husband's test went well. Being away from the blog for a while, I did not know he was having any problems. I am certainly believing with you that all will be well.

I love your ladder, and as you said free is always the right price!:o) So perfect for your vintage table cloths. What a beautiful stroller, a lovely one indeed! I would probably stuff it with my teddy bears.:o) A lovely large plant with lots of foliage would be pretty too.

Enjoy your lovely finds dear Marilyn, and enjoy a beautiful week.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the radiation went well and so did the heart test. Thoughts with you always.

I love this peek into your home and yes, I have more discards than "new" stuff in my house. And sometimes that's not necessarily by choice -- still, I love a good find! And I love this look into where you spend your days!

Marlena said...

I have gotten some nice rugs from trash. My friend Leon has a gardenful of rescues and they look wonderful

Mary said...

Glad Jim received some good news regarding his precious heart - sending a heart hug! The radiation may cause some tiredness, but 7 weeks will pass quickly and he'll be zipping about like a youngster again before you know it!

Love the ladder - I've been looking for a vintage one too - even though I have no space to prop one!!

The buggy would be lovely with a small potted flowering shrub - perhaps a hydrangea, mini crepe myrtle, or one of those mini butterfly bushes if available in your area - and placed outside.

Mary X

Angela McRae said...

So happy to hear the heart test went well -- and thanks for the update. I hate when people ask you to pray about something and then never mention it again!

LOVE the ladder with your vintage tablecloths. Perfect! And I'd stash a bowl of ice surrounding a pitcher of iced tea in the stroller and let it become a whimsical rolling tea cart for tea in the garden! The tray could hold spoons, napkins, etc.