Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Around the Garden

Take a walk around my garden today.
The small vegetable garden sits next to the driveway.
It is the warmest place in the yard and the
vegetables grow beautifully here.
I have a weakness for roses and they
are tucked in wherever you look.
Soon there will be a rose garden just for them to shine.
Sunflowers and dahlias are blooming right now
and they just make my heart sing.

What is in your garden or on your patio that makes your heart sing?


Christina said...

what a gorgeous garden. i would love to sit beside it with you.
i am loving my tomato plants at the moment.

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful yard, Marilyn!

What makes my heart sing in my yard? First, my lavender and rose plants. They dominate! Next is "scary corner" which is shady and out of the way. It was named by the boys who had to mow the lawn there when they were little. It was dark and close compared to the rest of the yard.

DeeBee L. said...

Lovely flowers, much appreciated at the end of summer...

Adrienne said...

Your garden is gorgeous! I have things here and there that I love but this year my garden isn't in the best shape because of family needs and shoulder surgery that have kept me out of the garden. I have hopes and dreams, though. Perhaps next year is the year when it will be the way my heart sees it!

Laurie said...

Right now nothing is blooming well at all. But the neighbors strawberries? Now we're talking! I just won't tell her. ;)

Steph said...

I'm making three batches of pesto tonight - one to eat and two to freeze - from our basil. :-) Also, still eating juicy strawberries!

Trixie and Dustin of said...

You captured the glory of a really beautiful Summer day! Thank you. Love it...xo, Trix

amherstrose said...

Oh, how I would love to visit your garden, Marilyn. Thank you for sharing your walk with us.

My garden is swelling with late summer blooms.
The pink rimmed white dinner plate hibiscus is the star right now. The blushing bride hydrangea is filled with lush mop headed blooms and the pink canterbury bells are blooming beside the pond. My shrub roses are in the third bloom this summer.

Looking forward to seeing your new rose garden.

Mary Jane

koralee said...

Your garden is so lovely...mine is not filled with too many flowers...I am working on that for next year. Hugs for a great day my friend..enjoy those lovely roses...sigh!

Anonymous said...

Two of my daughters are working in my garden, which makes my heart sing. I enjoy your column. Eric's grandmother.

Jeanie said...

Right now, not much in the garden is making me sing -- it's so overgrown! But I am fond of my rebecchia -- black eyed susans, I think!

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

It would have to be the birds themselves that make me sing.... I love to see them, hear them, watch them rustle the tree branches as they nestle from the wind.

Chickadees especially make me smile with their cheeky judga-ja1!

Mary said...

Returning from almost 3 weeks in CA meant dealing with a jungle rather than the garden I left! Oh my, what a mess everywhere - it was around 100 every day I was gone, and hardly any rain. Lost a lovely azalea bush, and some small plants - and the annuals such as petunias had melted into oblivion. BUT, thanks to my neighbor the moonflowers and morning glories in pots were watered, they have climbed and smothered the front porch, twining every which way, so I have a shady curtain for another couple of months. The angel trumpets are tall and loaded with yellow blooms - the brilliant lime green potato vines are running rampart - the Peace roses are blooming and, best of all, I'm still in time to gather a few fresh figs for my breakfast yogurt.

Beside plants and flowers, filling the bird feeders and baths yesterday has brought wrens, chickadees, cardinals, robins and woodpeckers back to the garden this morning - plus our large squirrel population returned. Cleaned and filled the hummer feeder as they were coming by the empty bottle and looking very unhappy. Only wildlife we are not too pleased about is the fox (one of the young from that Spring litter of 5) is in the garden a lot - we wish it would move on, makes us a bit nervous when outside!

The pleasures of a garden are one of life's joys. Although I moan about the upkeep I would not be happy in a home without a nice outdoor space. Of course this may have to change later........or perhaps I'll have to employ a gardener!

Love, Mary

Angela McRae said...

A weakness for roses? No way! I'd say you have a strongness for roses! And the mint in my garden is making my heart (or at least my tastebuds) sing, as I have flavored iced tea with it all summer long!