Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Music at the Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Last evening sitting in the twilight listening to music.
It was music that made me want to dance.
The flowers even looked as if they were dancing
with their beautiful can-can skirts flowing.
The past five Tuesday evenings I have sat here
in the gardens of the Lan Su Chinese Gardens
in downtown Portland and enjoyed the music of the evening.
Yes, there was tea and wonderful steamed buns,
but it was the music that brought me there.
There was Chinese Festival Night (dragon dance and all), The Midnight Serenaders (listen here),
Amphion String Quartet, Joe Powers (amazing harmonica) & Friends,
and last evening the Loveness Wesa & The Bantus
(music from Zimbabwe).
How lovely to sit in the twilight soaking in the ambiance
of a warm summer evening and music.
Are you doing evening adventures and soaking in the summer twilight?