Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flowers in the Field

The flowers in the field, they dance for me.
Their tutus lighten my day with the colors of the rainbow.
There are oranges, yellows, pinks, and creams galore.
I laugh as they wave to me in JOY.
I BELIEVE they are there just for me
and they sing.
They play.
And for that moment my heart is HAPPY.

What is making your heart HAPPY today?


La Tea Dah said...

I am happy today because I have three kids in the nest for the next two weeks. It brings me much joy!

Beautiful photo! I love the comparison to tutus.

Annie said...

Your field of flowers was my first blog post I visited this morning. My day has been started out just right. Your beautiful field is making me very happy.

krys kirkpatrick said...

Today is a great day...because it is only 6 days until I see Sam. Grandkiddo's are the best!

parTea lady said...

That is a lovely photo. Seeing such beauty makes my heart happy too.

Jeanie said...

This reminds me -- tomorrow I have to take a picture of a yard I saw right after my counseling appointment. The whole lawn was filled with zinnias -- and I knew they were there just for me. I said that in my car -- and now I read you thought the same thing! I knew it would be a blog post -- you beat me to the punch, but I will not be deterred! These are amazing, Marilyn. I'm glad you saw them -- a happy heart for even a moment is still a happy heart! I hope the moment lasts.

koralee said...

Oh my How I would love to get into that field and pick a vase full of those beauties. xoxoox Hugs

Chris Graham said...

I LOVE IT!!! I think those flowers were just for you. Your words bring a smile that reaches right up to my eyes. Thank you for starting my day off with a "nugget" of a post.

Rosemary said...

Reading your blog this morning and taking delight in your photo and words today is doing a pretty good job of making me happy! Seeing Angelica happy and successful in the beginning days of 6th grade (riding the bus for the first time and changing classes with a multitude of other students) also makes me happy!

Mary said...

I'd just love to be out there with my clippers gathering a bunch of bright zinnias. Our Summer flowers were few this year due to oppressive, unending heat, and no rain until Irene stopped by last weekend!

Today I'm happy because it's calm outside, sunny, not quite so hot and, although it sounds a bit vain perhaps, I'm heading to the salon to get my hair done! Those beautiful sunny days at the lake certainly took their toll - I'm ready to be pampered for a couple of hours!

Mary X

Joy said...

How gorgeous! They are indeed JOYful!