Monday, August 29, 2011

Spirit Whispers

At the time I took this picture I just thought it was a pretty picture.
Later looking at it again I realized in my heart what it said on the side of this boat.
Sometimes I can feel adrift, just floating with no destination.
Sometimes I get lost in the muddle of my day to day routine.
Sometimes I lose track of where I am heading.
Do you do that?
The PILOT can help to direct us back and keep us on track.
For me PILOT is God or Spirit.
What helps you to find your way back when you are lost?


somepinkflowers said...

aaaahhhh, dear one...

i am most recently back
from the sea
i traveled
to find myself...

sea*wave floating
and then
in the shallows
i saw it all
the answer
which i have always known...

Trust the Pilot.

Jeanie said...

OH, my friend, I am so totally adrift right now. Just trying to take one day at a time, regroup, mourn, reflect so I can move forward.

I hope you and Jim are well...

Adrienne said...

When I'm lost at sea, my Pilot - my Heavenly Father - guides me safely home!

Beautiful photo - did you know I used to live on the hill above that scene. Saw it from the windows of our home!

Tracy said...

Pilot--that is a good word for what can rescue us and steer us back on the path. Oh, yes, I sometimes slip and float. Usually not for long though, thankfully. I start feeling "disconnected" from everything when I go to floating too long. A little ritual of some green tea, light a stick of incense and a short yoga practice & meditation often sets me back on the path again. :o) Happy Day, Marilyn--just love this photo! ((HUGS))

Darlene - The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

The Pilot reminds me to:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6

God is faithful!

Blessings, Darlene

Annie said...

Interesting thought, Marilyn. Lately, I've been feeling like a rudder without a pilot. My days have been drifting by and the more I drift, the more stuck I feel. Solution? Pay attention to the small tasks I've assigned to myself. Time is getting too much away.

Mary said...

Sharing ones thoughts sometimes helps to get us grounded again - mine seem to be full of this upcoming trip where the floating may be a bit rough. Hopefully He'll be looking out for us as we are tossed about! I think all this recent trying on and purchasing weird gear for the journey is making me nervous - it all seems so much more remote than heading to Africa was last year.

Anyway life goes on, thankfully, and your sharing these special thoughts and words has been a gift. Thanks dear Marilyn. Here's hoping that Michelin-starred chef can also prepare a good cuppa while we're at sea!!

Hugs Mary.