Thursday, December 8, 2011

Back to Bed and Tea

It really is more a fantasy,
but I dream of lounging in bed some mornings
with a teapot full of tea.
Do you ever take your tea or coffee
and cozy up in bed?
Tell me how wonderful it is to do.
I dream of doing so.
Then I tell myself there might be crumbs or spilled tea;
plus really there is so much to do.
I really need to learn to treat myself sometimes
and have a leisurely start to my day,
maybe even take a book and savor the "me" time.
Do you find it difficult to make "me" time?
If you had "me" time, what would you do?


Unknown said...

Winston Churchill reportedly never got out of bed before 10 or 12. He did all his morning work from between the sheets. I highly recommend it. Pick a day that involves some sort of research. Gather your research materials, or your lap top, a pot of your favorite tea, napkin and something upon which to nibble, then having a morning work session ala Churchill. Then, gradually get to a point where all your doing is enjoying the unhurried time to yourself. You might be surprised at how taking the time to reboot yourself through some quiet contemplation can really get those creative juices flowing!

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a lovely plan.
I like to read in bed with my tea.
Love you
Tea and thee♥

Steph said...

Oh, yes! This would be so lovely! Occasionally, the DH will make breadfast for me in bed. It's wonderful.

beth said...

you know, i don't eat or drink anything in bed EVER.....hmmmm, it must be my dislike for crumbs :)

Laurie said...

Try it Marilyn, it's so relaxing to sit with your thoughts, and enjoy a hot drink. The crumbs brush off, but the joy remains!

S. Etole said...

That's such a cozy and peaceful scene.

Tracy said...

Your room is delightful, Marilyn... and love your tea-laden tray. Is the tray metal, wood, porcelain? LOVELY! I take tea in bed often. Although, I don't eat often in bed, so rarely food in the bedroom, as I don't like those crumbs between the sheets...LOL! But I love making a little pot of tea, gathering writing or art materials and tinkering for an hour or so. I carve out "me time" often. I have to, that time is too important to me to compromise on for long. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

somepinkflowers said...

is this your magical space?

it is perfection!

FINALLY i have learned the wise art of staying late
in bed
to read
and enjoy my tea...

it was not always such
but i have learned this time
is like a mini-vacation
and it costs me so little...
the price of dishes waiting in the sink,
a floor that needs to B swept
and so on...


this place you share here,
i could hunker on down
and stay a while...

Olga said...

Your post make me want to drop everything and go to read a book in bed :)

christina said...

i sure do. i sipped my coffee this morning, right from the warm bed. i try to do that every once in a while.
great post!

Adrienne said...

Oh, you really should! Many of my friends get up and get a cup of coffee and take it back to bed for awhile - why not tea? I have trouble making ME time, too. If I did have some ME time it would include a good book, a pot of tea and a fire in the fireplace!

Angela McRae said...

If I had "me" time, I would come to your house and ask to crawl right into this scene (ha!).

Jeanie said...

Nope. No tea in bed. The only liquid that goes there is water in a bottle with a cap. Crumbs, maybe that's be ok. (I do have cat treat crumbs all over the bed). But wet -- I'll give it a pass!

Me time? That's another thing altogether!

anodyne said...

Our small family of three has done tea in bed on weekend mornings for years. And my daughter and I often retreat to bed for our Friday morning tea and toast time. Often very prosaic and nothing fancy or romantic, just comforting time. When I need to replenish my own spirit I have often taken a tea tray and a book back to bed. In our house we do this very regularly.