Friday, December 2, 2011

Walk Softly

I stepped from the car onto a ground soft with fir needles.
The moss gave a cushion of hush and I knew they were there.
I walked softly through the trees in pursuit wondering
if I would see fairies here.
Speaking softly I asked them to come from hiding.
It was a quiet day and the sun shone through the clouds.
The perfect day to find them.
What is it?  What have I found?
This must be their soaking tub, for it is just the right size.
Are they hidden nearby?
It looks as if they have slid from the tub and gently stepped away.
Oh I would have loved finding them here, but I must have been just minutes late.
For all I found here was a Christmas tree.
A tree so beautiful it glistens in the lights.
So come another day and I will share the tree the fairies shared with me.


Steph said...

I do believe fairies were near!

Angela McRae said...

The tree is beautiful, and I'm sure the fairies approved of your choice!

koralee said...

Pure those toadstools...we live right across from a tree farm...tomorrow we get out tree so I will look for these little guys on the grown. Hugs. xoxo

Unknown said...

You have such a neat imagination. Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

Love your thinking, you could publish that story with those photos, perfect.

SE'LAH... said...

your imagination is such a joy to behold...i wonder if there's a fairy near me too?

sending love + light

Ann Marie said...

i love love love the photos and words. lovely!

GardenOfDaisies said...

That is a perfect fairy bathtub! And the trees are beautiful. Can't wait to see yours.

Tracy said...

So SWEET--Fairies swimming pool... I love that! Pity you missed their pool party, Marilyn. ;o) Maybe next time... I wouldn't mind swimming in a little pool under that lovely tree... Happy Week ((HUGS))