Friday, December 16, 2011

Love Yourself First

This holiday season, Love Yourself First!
Then that love will shine from your face
and warm those around you.
This is the best gift you can give yourself,
but a little treat doesn't hurt either,  Just smiling!
So for the weekend I am going to remember to love
myself first and I hope you do too.
Sending hugs for a very special weekend full of love.
I am thankful for you.


Laurie said...

Sometimes I think it's the hardest gift to give ourselves Marilyn, but it's something I tell myself everyday, it does make me feel better, and yes you're right, it does shine from your face! I think it's a message more people could use during the holidays, so many frowns.

koralee said...

Love this message today. xoxox

krys kirkpatrick said...

Marilyn, you carry the message of Christmas in every word you write. Thank-you for being so sweet and kind. I am laying low and enjoying my family and regenerating my creative energy the next couple of weeks. Happy Holidays to you,

somepinkflowers said...




parTea lady said...

Good advice and I'll try to take it to heart.

Steph said...

Thank you for sharing this inspired message!

christina said...

this is a lovely reminder.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful ornament
Love is all you need.
Love and blessings


In the Light of the Moon said...

Thank you so much for this reminder.During this busy time,its hard to remember that sometimes,but you are so right.BiG hugs,Cat

SE'LAH... said...

and i am certainly thankful for YOU!

sending you warm holiday greetings. one love.

Jeanie said...

Thankful back to you, too! I love those glittery words -- I have a couple and they are my favorites!

Pure Complex said...

This is such a beautiful poem. I really enjoyed reading this.. thanks for sharing this with us