Monday, May 13, 2019

Garden Quotes 2019

 Normally I go for soft pinks and whites in the garden,
but these Welsh poppies have fascinated me for several years.
I tried growing them from seeds to no avail.
I have looked for plants to no avail.
But when visiting the Joy Creek Nursery recently they were spread
throughout their garden.
But did they sell them, why "NO".
Still looking. I love the way they just fill in barren spots in a garden
and we do need a few of those spots filled.
 So a walk in the gardens at this amazing nursery was very special.
Every gardener knows that under
the cloak of winter lies a miracle.... 
a seed waiting to sprout, 
a bulb opening to the light, 
a bud straining to unfurl,
And the anticipation nurtures our dream.
~Barbara Winkler

Happy Monday from the garden!


Sandi said...

It's lovely!

Jeanie said...

Those poppies are pretty -- wish you could find the seeds.

Great quote. I need to remember it because I'm losing hope.

mamasmercantile said...

A beautiful quote. I do hope you manage to find the seeds for those stunning poppies.

a rich tapestry said...

The California poppies are flowering in our garden. They self seed everywhere, but I welcome any plant and colour in our cottage-style garden. I hope you can find some seeds and that they germinate if you do.

Tracy said...

Those yellow poppies are VERY pretty! I'm very much a pink/purple/blue white palette gardener.... Yellow isn't really "my color"... but those papery yellow poppies are really something! :) I hope you will be able to find some of these poppies for you patch, Marilyn... Have you tried looking online for someone who maybe had seeds, and you can do a swap? Happy Week ((HUGS))

Red Rose Alley said...

Marilyn, one of my favorite things to do is walk through the nursery and see the pretty flowers. Sometimes I see the dear hummingbird there as well. This is a delightful quote today. The Welsh Poppies are unusual, have never seen them before. I'm glad you had a nice visit at the nursery. It's such a peaceful place.


Jean | said...

Marilyn, I so enjoy these walks through gardens with you. I'm not planting flowers this year, just seeing what I can do with tomatoes for now. But I need to plant some flowers soon.

Bernideen said...

Oh how lovely. I always think "will there be anything that survives" and then I am amazed. I have been cutting off seeds today and pulling out overgrowth! Your garden is lovely. Also, in the post above - the sea is lovely!