Friday, June 18, 2021

What Will You Do?

 As summer comes this week to my neighborhood I am thinking about just last year and the contrast a year makes during this time of pandemic. Last year at this time we were hiding away in our homes fearful of what was happening and trying to stay safe. Just this past week my church and my women's group have both started meeting in person after 15 months of zoom and isolation. What a difference a year makes right this very minute.

There wasn't much socialization going on here in the garden house.

So I am wondering what will I do differently this year?

How will I celebrate a bit of socialization?

Have I learned anything about myself and made any changes?

Finally some play was done here recently.

I have thought of how as a child I was outside playing with all the kids in my neighborhood from early morning until the sunset or my mother called me in for a meal. I loved hanging out at the local swimming hole/pool with tons of kids splashing in the water to cool off. We laughed, screamed, and just loved making noise. We crawled and dug through dirt and came home filthy without a care in the world.

I am a very organized person and one thing I have learned through the pandemic is I need a little less organization and a bit more carefreeness (hummm?not really a word is it?) I need to hang out, laugh, scream, make noise, dig in the dirt, and come home filthy. We change, but some things do stay the same.

My ex-son-in-law sends me pictures of my grandson quite often and a few days ago he sent me a picture that really touched my heart. Three boys in his neighborhood asked my D to read to them. Can you imagine? Four boys sitting on the front step reading a book at the beginning of summer vacation? This picture is what inspired me to think of what I would do with one wild, wonderful summer.

I will continue walking in my neighborhood and garden.

I will connect with nature and with friends.

I will make a bit of noise, even if it is humming a favorite tune.

I will hang out by some water and splash around a bit.

I will find a friend that likes to laugh and laugh with them.

I will let a juicy peach run down my arms and delight in the warmth of the sun.

What will you do?

Happy weekend, dear friends!

Go out there and do something fun!


Jeanie said...

That's an interesting thought, Marilyn -- what WILL I do? I liked the lockdowns and staying put and I don't think I'll be taking a lot of trips or socializing. But I will do art camp with my friend, Kate, and maybe do some short road trips or day trips. I'll see people again, but selectively. I will not go back to my book club, probably or most of my larger groups. Rather, I might connect with one or two of the members I actually most enjoy. It will be interesting to see how long these feelings last.

Mary said...

Yes, Summer, though not my favorite season here in the humid southeast, will be welcomed for a few months - but Autumn's arrival which sounds promising right now regarding travel and seeing wonderful friends again, is always in the back of my mind. Meanwhile, just staying home has become a pleasure I can handle - no beautiful garden house like yours, but the gazebo is now getting a lot of use!
Love the photo of the boys reading - see D is into long hair, that's a surprise!
Have a fab weekend - wish Jim a very happy Father's Day from us.
Mary x

Linda P said...

You have a lovely garden with different areas where you can sit or move around
either following the sun or shade. I prefer to sit in the shade. Our back garden gets the sun in the morning, but the fig tree in leaf gives us shade. The sun sets in the front garden area. Now that we have less restrictions regarding socialising sensibly and better weather I'm hoping that we can have guests come for a simple meal where another couple joining us would be ideal.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a delightful picture that is, Marilyn, of all the kids at Summertime. The chalkboard art is something that the kids love to do.

I enjoyed hearing about your Summer days growing up. They sound a lot like my own. Oh, I would stay out all day until it was time for dinner, playing Barbies and Trolls with the neighbors and building dirt forts in the fields. I think Summer is the best time for kids. I'm glad to hear you have special and fond memories too. : )