Monday, June 14, 2021

Word for the Week


When you see a castle or some ruins do you imagine what it was like to live there? Can you picture yourself there? When I walked here once upon a time I could feel the spirits of those that once lived there. I imagined what they were wearing and how life was during that time.

As I was thinking of the word Imagination the following song came to mind. I love imagining for fairies dance in my garden.

From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:
Pure Imagination

Ladies and gentlemen

Boys and girls

The chocolate room
Hold your breath

Make a wish

Count to three
Come with me and you'll be

In a world of pure imagination

Take a look and you'll see

Into your imagination

We'll begin with a spin

Traveling in the world of my creation

What we'll see will defy explanation
If you want to view paradise

Simply look around and view it

Anything you want to, do it

Want to change the world?

There's nothing to it
There is no life I know

To compare with pure imagination

Living there you'll be free

If you truly wish to be
Sometimes when out hiking and I find a hole in a tree I just know gnomes and fairies live there.
Doesn't this look like a giant lizard on the beach? I imagined him there coming to life when the sun disappeared each night. During the day he becomes a piece of wood, but at night he swims in the sea and dances in the moonlight.
And a parrot once lived there too. She left her picture on the rock to remind us of her visit.
Play with me and let your imagination free.
Have a week full of imagination!


Linda P said...

Your imagination must take you to wonderful worlds as you go on your walks Marilyn. A sense of the past when exploring a place or an ancient building is a gift that you can share with others. I'm sure you especially have fun when out and about with your young grandson.

Red Rose Alley said...

Not only is imagination a great word, Marilyn, your post made me smile, as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was the first movie I ever saw on screen. It was playing at the local theatre, and I remember being so happy to be able to see it. That tree with the big hole is interesting. I'm sure critters go in there to get out of the cold and rain. What a cool picture of the piece of wood. It DOES look like a big lizard! I, too, wonder who lived in those grand castles over time. That's such a nice photo. Have a lovely weekend, Marilyn, letting your imagination soar. : )


Mary said...

I've visited those Cathar castles in your first photo - they are not far from my brother's home in the Languedoc region of France - near to Carcassonne. Did you also visit there Marilyn?