Monday, June 7, 2021

Word for the Week

Many times here I have made the statement "notice what you notice". A friend uses this phrase quite often when she gives sermons or talks in public. I love the concept of it and have picked it up to use also.
Recently I have been reading Wintering, The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May. Because of the title I was holding it to read in Winter, then I thought that is silly. I will read it now; so I began reading and quite glad I have.
This morning as I was reading I began thinking of that word notice again. Here is the sentence that pulled me into these thoughts. "The year will move on no matter what, but by paying attention to it, feeling its beat, and noticing the moments of transition--perhaps even taking time to think about what we want from the next phase in the year--we can get a measure of it." She also talked about just noticing the sunrise and sunset as we travel through the year and how that changes with the seasons and how that effects us. It just seems to be those little things that sometimes get overlooked and life flies by without us noticing.
So I will ask you this morning, what are you noticing in your day this very moment? Did the sun come up a little earlier today? What flower is blooming near you? Is there something deep in your heart that you haven't brought yet to the surface to notice? Dear friends, let's together "notice what you notice" and then smile at the knowledge of noticing those little things.


Red Rose Alley said...

I love the word 'notice,' Marilyn. I have been noticing all the seasons since I moved to the mountains. I remember visiting my mother-in-law when she lived in the mountains, and the scent in the air was so strong. I am now noticing that here at Summertime, more so than I did in the Winter and Spring. Your blossoms are lovely on here today, and I noticed your purple flower emblem with you sitting in the center on your side bar. That's delightful. I just love the color Purple, so it spoke to me right away. Keep noticing all those big and little things that surround you each and every day, Marilyn.


Linda P said...

I take pleasure in noticing small details when observing plants. I think it's because my eyesight has always been poor so I have learnt to look closely at objects. I thank God for sensory experiences. Today I'm thankful for the breeze on this warm day and for the fragrance of the flowers in the garden.

Lorrie said...

I love paying attention to the natural world. This morning I did a short tour around the garden and noticed the green bean sprouts beginning to uncurl up from the earth. They are late because it's been so cool here, so I was happy to see that. Then I picked a couple of sun-warmed and sweet strawberries to enjoy!

Jeanie said...

When I was studying theatre in our acting classes and even some design classes, we had exercises of noticing -- texture, people, how fabrics folded (or didn't) I've been big on it ever since.