Monday, July 26, 2021

Word for the Week


Persimmons "hanging in there"
  Definition: noun -

persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success."his perseverance with the technique illustrates his single-mindedness"
Roses continuing to be beautiful even as they wither and die. If that isn't perseverance I don't know what would be. Each season has it's own beauty.

The last book I read was The Black Swan of Paris by Karen Robards. Then the next book, which I am still reading, is The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester. There seems to be a theme here. I am forever tempted and teased to read books that take place in Europe during World War II. The main character is always a woman and most often creative and somehow involved in saving her country from the Germans and Hitler. Thinking about these two books, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, I am struck by the main characters perseverance to hang in there no matter the consequences. 

Even as building encroach on the land, weeds persevere and grow.

I have wondered if I would have the strength to persevere in times of trouble. To just "hang in there" when times get rough. Books challenge me to think on these things. 

Along the way I must acknowledge my examples as I grew up. I watched my mother persevere through difficult times. I was proud of her for doing so. I learned from her example. If she were alive today I would love to tell her how much I appreciated her example to persevere no matter what. She would probably look at me in astonishment, not realizing what she taught me would stay with me for a lifetime and go on to be an example to my daughter. These life lessons carry on from one generation to another. What I learned from my mother and the books I have read about brave women has influenced me greatly. We must persevere, carry on, and be that example for young women growing up before our very eyes. Whew! I didn't think this word would take me in this direction! Persevere is a good word, but in doing so also remember to care for yourself.

The self care today is a cup of tea and a bouquet of flowers while I remind myself to persevere.

Have a terrific week, dear friends!



Changes in the wind said...

Perseverance is not a very popular word but a very needed one especially as we get older I think. Wishing you a good week as well.

Jeanie said...

Your mother sounds like such a remarkable woman, Marilyn. And yes, perseverance is essential. Not always easy but essential.

I've read a lot of those types of books, too -- and you are right. It's very hard to persevere under certain conditions but we must do so. I'm listening to the January 6 hearing now and how a lot of people would like to push that all under the rug. We must persevere to have the information out and those responsible dealt with severely. It's hard to keep the issues front and center sometimes, but persevere we must.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jeanie!!! I agree completely!
Nice post today Marilyn!

Lorrie said...

Perseverance is such a great virtue - stick-to-it-iveness is what we used to call it. Seeing things through, even in difficult times. My parents and grandparents demonstrated it, too. Such a great heritage to leave our children.

Red Rose Alley said...

I just used this word on a comment to a blog friend this morning. It's good that your Mother perseverance during difficult times. That was a wonderful example for you. Yes, the roses have much perseverance. They linger on even through the harsh Winter days and seem to come out nicely the next Spring. Love that last photo of the tea cup and the old table and bench, Marilyn.