Monday, August 23, 2021

Word for the Week

I read just this morning the description of a bowl that fell to the ground and cracked. The owner chose not to repair it because in showing the crack the bowl had a story to tell and they felt it became more beautiful. They went on to describe a woman that in all her brokenness, she became more beautiful. Have you ever seen an older person that's face just shines and you just know there is a story of beauty and brokenness to tell?

 With the advent of social media I have noticed over the years the use of the word beautiful.  I have thought it was overused and wondered if there wasn't other words that would work sometimes for variety or that would better describe a breath taking sunset or a flower shining in the morning sun. I actually made a list of alternate words to describe something beautiful. On my list is pretty, stunning, wonderful, lovely, gorgeous, amazing and awesome.  What sights touch you to say these descriptive words?

What takes your breathe away with it's beauty?

For me it is a sunset or sunrise full of color, the waves flowing into the shore and tickling my toes, the color of the tea flowing into my cup, flowers of any kind (even wildflowers and weeds), a babies toes and fingers, a redwood tree standing tall and reaching for the sky, a meal prepared with talented hands and laid before me, a smile on a strangers face or that of someone close to me too, a freshly cleaned house and so much more. I love walking through my antique mall just to search out beautiful and snap it with my camera. I don't need to buy anything, but just savor that beauty in the moment.

One of the blogs I have followed for a very long time is written by Corey, French Le Vie, and she often shows treasures that are broken or torn. She has talked of the beauty in the brokenness. I think she actually prefers it in her home because they have stories to tell.

Today and each day let's look for the beauty in the small things and in the brokenness.  You may have guessed by now that the word this week is indeed BEAUTY.

And for sure "Notice what you Notice".


Lorrie said...

Flowers, trailing vines, a crisply made bed, fat peaches, and watching my grandchildren run and play outdoors are what I've taken notice of as beautiful lately. Beauty is a wonderful word for this week. Have a beauty-filled one, Marilyn.

Jeanie said...

I think awesome is the most overused in the English vocabulary! One time Rick and I started counting "awesomes" in someone's appearance on a talk show. We stopped after seven.

Ah -- what takes MY breath away is Little Cameron's smile (which usually means trouble!), Harry the Heron and Harry North, Lizzie when she's acting cute... so much more!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Marilyn, your post hit home for me because one time I bought an angel statue, and when I brought her home I noticed that the wing was broken. I didn't know whether to return it or keep it. But I felt that we are all broken at some time or another, and that the angel is still beautiful, so I kept it. When you talked about this word, beautiful,I felt the same way and try not to overuse it, and only use it when something is really extraordinary. Your photos are so nice, and I'm glad you find joy at the antique store. I do too, but I love to bring goodies home with me haha.


ps.....I had to leave all my statues behind, including my angel, when I moved because the cost was getting too high and just couldn't do it. But
I've been looking for another angel statue to replace her. : )

Sandi Magle said...

What a totally lovely post. I do use Beautiful...but, only when it has reached that point where it does catch in your throat. We don't compliment each other enough in RL...and your are right about someone's face lighting up---hard to do/see wearing masks...but the crinkles in the eyes are the 'tell'. Again, a! Hugs, Sandi

Mary said...

Such a 'BEAUTIFUL' post dear Marilyn - I couldn't resist, lol!!!!
I'm longing for more freedom to return to 'treasure hunting' - not that I need anything but just enjoy looking and admiring the old things in the thrift shops, antique malls, etc.
Yes, Corey always shared her lovely antiques, still does, she was a huge inspiration to me over the years.
Mary -