Monday, August 30, 2021

Word for the Week

 Thinking about school starting next week here in Oregon I was thinking of the word LEARN, but then as I watched out my window early this morning the word came to me - SHARE. What do you see out your window and what word would it remind you of?

When I lift the shade in my bedroom each morning I look for bunnies nibbling on plants in the garden.  I didn't see any today, but sometimes they are there nibbling away. I share my garden with them most happily.

This rascal was outside my kitchen window this morning.

He was having the time of his life feasting on the seeds of the sunflowers.

I was most happy to share with him, but of course he wasn't sharing.

He wanted them all for himself.

And we wondered why he hadn't been to our bird feeder recently.

I write this blog for myself, sort of selfishly; but I love sharing with you.

I love when you leave comments, a note that you enjoyed my words or pictures.

As a verb:  "have a portion of (something) with another or others."
"he shared the pie with her"
I would think sharing is also with thoughts, words, hugs, a smile.
There are many ways we share each day.
Maybe we just share a quiet moment together.
Or I would share a cup of tea with you if you visited my garden.
I think in our sharing we can make the world a better place.
Have a great week, dear friends.
Share a smile or a friendly hello with someone each day.



Linda said...

Hi Marilyn, Jeanie from Marmalade Gypsy sent me over here. I am new to Portland and can't wait to take in your blog and find out more about the place that I now call home.

Happy Monday,

Lorrie said...

What a lovely word for this week, Marilyn. Sharing is such an important part of living a full and meaningful life. Thank you for sharing bits of your world and wisdom here on your blog.

Red Rose Alley said...

SHARE is a great word, Marilyn. I love to share and love when people share with me. Oh, that little rascal getting the sunflower seeds. I always shoooo the squirrels away in my yard. They scare me a bit. But I'm glad you embrace them in your garden. It's so nice that you lift the shade in your bedroom each morning, and what a lovely sight that must be for you to see outside. That's what I do with the big window in my living room. Every morning, I put the blinds all the way up and look out. : )

I hope you have wonderful September days, Marilyn.


Mary said...

You always come up with a great word dear, and this is a special one. I think our generation was brought up to share so much more, even though we had so much less! I wont go into semantics regarding the more selfish thinking of much of today's society. . . . . but I do know I enjoy sharing because it makes not only the recipient feel special, it makes me feel a much happier person, whether it's just a few words or a thoughtful gift.
I'm hoping you can take your trip Marilyn, sometimes we need to gift ourselves and just share time - one of the most important elements in these difficult days!
Hugs - Mary

Jeanie said...

That's a wonderful take on "share," which is a favorite word of mine! Glad to see the birds, bunnies and squirrels are all on the same page! What a lovely site to awaken to!

Judy from Sato said...

Crazy squirrel - we don't have any on my block - - they're mischievous critters - - - :)

Anonymous said...

Love your word of the week! And what could be easier than sharing a smile? A smile can go a long way in spreading good cheer and good will!!! And the world could definitely use more of both these days. A very inspirational post!! Thanks for SHARING!!! Susan