Friday, September 17, 2021

Ranch Picnic


The realtor that helped us buy our home almost 20 years ago spends her advertising money on past and present clients. Every two years she has an event on her horse ranch. This year it was a bit different.

It was a bit rainy, so it took place mostly in the barn. She asked us to bring a picnic and drinks were provided. There were a few awnings set about too, as not everyone could fit in the barn and keep 6 feet apart. When she saw me with my camera, she asked me to take pictures and send them to her. These are the pictures I sent her way.

She had a whole row of rugosa roses blooming along her fence; so the first and last pictures are her roses.

 Being a cowgirl at heart and having horses; of course there was a pile of horse shoes.

 There was music too! She had Dave Stamey, a story telling cowboy, sing for us. In November 2016 he was inducted into the Western Music Hall of Fame. Now I must say I am not really a cowgirl at heart, but his music and stories did touch my heart.

 This sheep herders wagon was sitting out in the field. I was intrigued.

 It ended up being lovely to enjoy a bit of night music, laughter, and a good picnic too.

I did pack a picnic, our own table and chairs, and we savored the moments on the ranch.

The children and some adults enjoyed a "meet and greet" with the horses.

 Here's the barn in the evening light.
Music to soothe the soul.

 Now I know most of you are not living in my part of the world, but if you are or decided to move here I can most enthusiastically recommend a good realtor. At Christmas she has another event on a Christmas tree farm where we each can get a free tree and a cup of hot chocolate. If we refer someone to her, she acknowledges it with a small gift. Even one year when I had surgery, she came by to check on me. Now isn't that the best sort of way to run a business with kindness?


Jeanie said...

What a really great idea and wonderful post. I love the photos -- that barn is beautiful and it looks like a wonderful setting. She sounds like a wise and generous person. I'd hire her in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Now that is spreading some good will! Good for her and good for all her clients!

Mary said...

What a lovely woman to share her bounty and beautiful home with so many. That certainly looked like a great evening Marilyn - so glad you went and enjoyed it all - and your photos are really nice giving us a feeling of all that was happening.
We need to get out into the country once the autumn colors start - I feel we're just stuck here still and really not doing much but fix things in the house and garden - and yet there always seems more and more waiting. I feel like I'm just chasing my tail! All my friends seem to be unavailable as they have been exposed to COVID within their families - nobody wants to go anywhere anymore!

Hope this week is good for you - let me know what's happening!
Hugs, Mary

Changes in the wind said...

This was heartwarming to hear and what a beautiful place.