Monday, September 13, 2021

Word for the Week

 My mobile phone has a place to write notes.

Going back and reviewing the notes I read "Intentions of the Heart, Live them, Embrace!"

What are "intentions of the heart"?


noun: intention; plural noun: intentions
a thing intended; an aim or plan.
"she was full of good intentions"
So I wondered today, what are my intentions of the heart?
My heart still dreams of more time with dear ones,
more adventures and travel, more moonlight and stars,
more songs to be sung, more "ah-ha" moments.

This morning I finished reading Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl. A quote that struck me is this, "When you attain my age you will understand one of life's great secrets: Luxury is best appreciated in small portions. When it becomes routine it loses its allure." This was said to Ruth by someone older than herself while she was on a shoestring visit to Paris.
Now you say "what does that have to do with the word intention?"
For me I always dreamt I would be surrounded by beauty and travel to beautiful places. It was my intention to do so and there have been times when I indeed did just that. But I have learned that if it had become "routine" it wouldn't have brought the same wonder and joy. It was in those small portions that my intention became reality and I noticed.
I still try to live with intention, but with each age the intention adjusts and the dreams become different. Sometimes that make me sad, but sometimes it brings great JOY. 

I wasn't sure what pictures to share for the word "intention", but one of my intentions was to travel to France. I am sharing pictures from one of those trips. Each picture in my mind was a point of capturing my breathe, making me smile, and definitely and "ah-ha" moment.
Have a totally spectacular week, dear friends!


mamasmercantile said...

Looking at the photos Marilyn I can appreciate why these are ha ah moments, such beauty.

Jeanie said...

Intention. That's a wonderful word. I try to live with daily intention, or short term intention. But long ago, I gave up long-term intention. The world, life, people are too fluid. Goals and dreams, yes. Intent? Sometimes. I've got to work on this one! What a good face-to-face conversation this would be!