Monday, September 20, 2021

Word for the Week

 Definition of Sway: verb 

move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backward and forward or from side to side."he swayed slightly on his feet"
A video of flowers swaying in my yard,
it worked! Hooray! Now that I figured out how to add videos there could be more in the future.

You might think that is a silly word to choose.
As we enter Autumn/Fall I am noticing the flowers still in my garden sway gently in cool breezes. Images run through my head of a young woman walking down the street with confidence and a bit of a sway to her hips. Sometimes as I have aged I can feel a bit of sway to my head, silly I know and not at all glamorous, but it is what it is. 
 But mostly I remember as a young girl walking through a field of tall mustard, my long hair swinging in a light summer breeze, and laughter. Yes, just laughter that the mustard would sway around me and part ways as I walked and I soaked up the summer sun, the fragrance of fresh dirt under my toes, and the yellow all around me. For you see, yellow was my favorite color then as it is now. It just makes me smile to still remember.

Thinking again of those girls that were free to sway their hips when they walked down the street. Secretly I was a bit envious of them and their confidence in themselves. For you see, I definitely was a quiet child with a heart waiting to burst forth and sway in the wind. It took me until an age long from that young child to accept that strong woman inside of me, to smile and accept her into my heart. And if I sway a bit, may it be in my hips and in my memories, I can laugh and say "come walk with me and let's sway down the lane."

When spring comes again the daffodils in all their yellowness will sway for me.

Have a great week, dear friends!


Red Rose Alley said...

Sway is a delightful word, Marilyn. I can just see you as a young child walking through a field of tall mustard and laughing during the Summertime.
I love the color yellow, and I think I always will. : )


Jeanie said...

That's a really terrific word choice. I think of wheat and tall grasses swaying on a breezy day but yes, a swaying walk is much better than a swaggering one! The yellow mustard is a great image.

Lorrie said...

Sway is such a great word, Marilyn. Let's sway our hips no matter our age! Right now we're watching the federal election results and hoping the votes will sway towards the party we favour! A very apt word for today.

Laura Morrigan said...

Wonderful snapshots of memories!