Friday, September 29, 2023

The Butchart Gardens


As you know I took a week adventure recently. With a 5 hour drive we reached the ferry that travels from the US to Victoria, BC, Canada. It had been awhile since we traveled to Victoria and I was excited to finally have an adventure outside the US. We hadn't been outside the country since before the pandemic and it was time to go.

The first full day we visited The Butchart Gardens. Now I had been there before, but I love visiting in every season. It is so gorgeous. Let me know if you agree after reading my post.

Sometimes, when stepping into a new garden, I felt like I had stepped into Monet's garden. The salvia were so beautiful and by the end of our trip I came home with one beautiful salvia to plant in my garden.

Oh! And the begonias! Gorgeous!

If you haven't been in these gardens, the sunken garden always makes me smile. I think it might be the highlight for many visitors, as I always see the most people here.

And at the far end of the sunken garden are the dancing waters, so beautiful.

I could have sat there for a long time, but we had reservations for tea at 1PM. Off we went to explore some more.

Sometimes I like the road less traveled; so off I went.

There were a couple fountains along the way.

And dahlias!!! Isn't this pink one amazing?

Heading for the rose garden I found apple trees dropping their apples on the ground. I do have a weakness for a beautiful apple tree.

Heading for the rose garden.

They were amazing!

This one just glowed in the light of the day.

We walked through the Japanese garden, saw the peaceful marina, and headed through the Italian garden.

One stop to rub this guys nose for good luck before heading in for tea time.

A private garden next to the tearoom. We could just peak over the fence. Isn't it beautiful! I think I said that a lot throughout the garden.

And then it was teatime!! You know I love a good teatime and this is one of the best.

The savories/sandwiches and scones were imbibed right there, but the sweets came back to our room for later. Yummmmm! Do you like a good tea time?

We always stay in one of the garden rooms at Prior Castle Inn. Our room had this lovely patio just outside the door for morning tea. I grabbed a cozy blanket and sat out there for morning tea and meditation. It was so very special.

If you ever visit Victoria, BC, Canada, I can highly recommend this inn. Their breakfast is delicious too. The neighborhood is great for walking and on another day I will share a bit of a walk nearby.

Hope you enjoyed a bit of a travelogue.

Have a great weekend, dear friends!


50 and counting said...

We grew up in the lower mainland and know what a great gardening climate it is.

Our son is stationed in Victoria with the RCN. He loves it there but can't really afford to live there. It's very expensive to live there and so many want to.

He enjoys a good afternoon tea (well, he's always loved the cake aspect of it)

What I do find unfortunate is the way some Americans in certain FaceBook groups seem think they are the arbitrators of what makes a good afternoon tea. It seems I do it wrong, I don't wear a hat, gloves, or a boa nor do I give lectures on the history and etiquette of Tea before I serve it.

Tea is meant to be a time to relax and enjoy a short break in the day with friends/family and have a snack and a natter.

As long as you enjoy yourself that's all that matters.

Linda P said...

So glad you had a lovely trip. The garden looks spectacular. You may have seen I'm having technical difficulties and I'm having to take a break from blogging, but I wanted to come by and leave you a comment. I appreciate your blog posts.

Jeanie said...

This is a place I've never been but seeing your photos makes me wonder why that is! It's gorgeous and I'd love to visit -- maybe not in winter, but any other time of the year. It looks like September would be a perfect month.

50 and counting said...

It is rare to have snow in the Victoria area. Winter there is either dreich or sunny. It's still a beautiful place. Rarely goes below 0C. That's why so many seniors retire there.

Lorrie said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your time at Butchart Gardens. It truly is beautiful in every season. Tea there is a very special occasion. Did someone tell you that the fenced off part of the garden by the restaurant was Jennie Butchart's private garden?

Rosemary said...

Oh, how I loved visiting Butchart Gardens with you! Thank you for the feast of flowers - how jealous I am, but grateful to have experienced these fabulous gardens and afternoon tea many years ago. I do believe their teatime is one of the best. Thank you for taking us along with you!