Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My House is a Very, Very Fine House

Do you remember this Crosby, Still, and Nash song?
Maybe it is just me, but when I was beginning to post the photos of my house
decorated for Christmas, that song came to my mind.
Tea is ready to be served in bed.
In the vase are paper whites just beginning to grow.
This year I am just enjoying a bit of mellowness and nature in my decorations.
It is very much needed and so enjoyed by me.
I hope you enjoy too.
I love my little vintage village in the dining room.
This year I had to add the Eiffel Tower as a memory of our travels there in May.
In the kitchen sits a small tea tree with cookie cutters and tea ready 
at a moments notice.
Bitter root left over from fall along with JOY from a friend.
Slightly out of focus, but the Santa and Snowmen gathering together in the living room.
The tree as the sun begins to set and the lights are turned on.
How I love the evening with the lights shining bright.
Tomorrow I will share more on the tree.
Oh there are memories and delights tucked there.
Each year the mantel changes themes.
The chalk board is a fun new addition this year.
Messages can change, but Christmas is about JOY.

Wishing you could come and sit by my fire and enjoy a cup of tea with me.


Time Traveling in Costume said...

Your house looks lovely. I love the simple rustic flowers and plants added to the decor. It looks more natural than forced. Hope to get more of mine done soon too.
Happy Holidays and hope you're getting some of that snow.

Jeanie said...

OK, I think it lost my comment. Or maybe not, but it didn't give me the "wait till approved" message.

Well, to paraphrase what I said was -- I love it all! The cookie cutter tree is wonderful and I really adore your village and using the Tower was bonus points! Love bottlebrush trees! And your main tree -- well,I can't wait to hear more. Let's hope this goes through!

Adrienne said...

Yes, your house is a very fine house! And I do remember that song. I love what you've done with your decorations. Your tea tree is darling. I've always wanted to have something like that in my kitchen but have never ventured to put one together. Love your chalkboard. I'd like to add one to my home and am still looking for the perfect size and shape. Your little Eiffel Tower is perfect with your Christmas village. Such a cute touch. Can't wait to see more of your tree and decorations.

Laura Morrigan said...

So beautiful!

Lorrie said...

Lovely touches of Christmas in your very fine house! I wish I'd thought to bring back a little Eiffel Tower to add to my decor, too. So charming.

Two Cottages and Tea said...

Beautiful decorating for Christmas! Thank you for the special song! Merry Christmas to you!

Rosemary said...

Such a holiday warmth to your decorating. Wishing you peace, love and joy this holiday season.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I love your tea tree!