Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Quiet Moments of Winter

 The lights on the Christmas tree through squinty eyes.
 The snow quiets the world around me
and I send out love to those that walk there.

 Sip a cup of cocoa and maybe a favorite tea.
 Light the candles and sit in quietness for just a little while.
 The softness of the winter light,
it dances just before me.
A single candle light or a multitude
of lights.
They soothe my soul.
I take in the quiet times between
a celebration or two.
Savoring the darkness,
I light my candle
and sip a warm cup of something sweet.
These small things are what carries 
me through the darkness of winter.
just the softness of my breathe,
the silence,
the music in the air of the quiet
surrounds me.
Take time, dear friends,
delight in the breath, the light,
and blanket your heart with JOY.


Lorrie said...

Your words express my feelings about this season between the years so well. Time to slow down and savor life.

Jeanie said...

This is incredibly beautiful, Marilyn. We do need time to breath, to revel in the joy -- both the frantically fun and the quiet joy. Your photos are beautiful (I love the squinty lights!)

I'm so very glad you had a lovely Christmas.

Bernideen said...

Lovely decorations! Love the tree outside!