Monday, December 5, 2016

Notes from the Garden - Brave Blooms

Chocolate Cosmos residing there. 
Have you ever picked one and smelled it?
Chocolaty I say!  For sure it is.
A few brave camellias much to early.
I think they must have been confused.
But oh the color sings to my heart.

Oh the chocolate and the pink would make a pretty bouquet.
I must run out to rescue them, I just know I must.

Do you see any blooms in your garden or in your part of the world?
I can imagine the Southern Hemisphere is beautiful right now.
Oh to be springtime, but in my heart I am enjoying these few brave souls.


Jeanie said...

I hope you rescued those sweet flowers before it got too cold! I've never seen brown cosmos before. Just the colors. All pretty.

A couple of my mums are still going and one petunia (really?) -- the rest have gone down for the season. Time for the greens baskets!

Laura Morrigan said...

Yep, the Southern hemisphere is indeed quite flowery!

Your camellia is gorgeous!