Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's in your Teapot?

   There are thousands of different teapots in shape,
style, and size. 
Ones for different seasons and celebrations.
 Some are designed for English tea times
and some for more Asian tea times.
Each serves it's purpose.
Often a special tea is designated for a particular teapot.
 Some drip more than others.
Each has it's unique flare, a touch from the artist.
 Some are tiny and some are huge.
Some are better just sitting beautifully quiet on the shelf.
Their style delighting the eyes and heart.

A teapot in many forms does delight my heart.
I love photographing them.
I love picking which teapot I use for which tea I am drinking.

So what tea are you putting in your specially chosen teapot today?

The middle photo was my tea this morning.
A black tea called Yunnan Noir from Adagio Teas.
A gift from a friend this Christmas season.
A nice, uncomplicated black tea,
perfect for a foggy morning of tea sipping.
Happy tea sipping, dear friends!


martea said...

Your photo of the teapot with the bird is beautiful.

Isn’t it fun to taste teas friends share with us….I always love to try a tea that I may not have thought to buy.

Jeanie said...

Nothing in my teapot today but I am loving your very sweet Christmas teapot! It's simply lovely!