Thursday, December 13, 2018

Around the House

 After receiving the perfectly imperfect live tree I decided to pop over to IKEA
and see what they had in faux trees.
I love the little tree I found there;
so it was set up in the dining room.
There were a few candles, tea themed ornaments and golden baubles
placed on this little tree.
 Then my white themed cast of characters joined two festive teapots
on the cabinet.
Since taking this picture I have added a few votive candles.
Don't you just love candles at Christmas?
The more light the better sprinkled all around the house.
 Here is the tree all lite up and ready to sparkle.

 A view of the china cupboard from the opposite side of the room.
I love the reflection in the glass of the tree.
And then just outside the window I can sit at the table sipping my tea and watch the
hummingbirds come to the feeder wrapped in old Christmas lights.
The new lights don't get warm enough to keep their water from freezing;
so every winter we leave these lights on the feeder until Spring.
No freezing and I love seeing our delightful little ones flutter around.
They are my best winter decoration.

Are you enjoying the lights of the holiday season?
Delighting in the day?


Louca por porcelana said...

Beautiful Christmas tree!Mine is faux too,very common here.Great idea for the bird feeder!Hugs!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your Christmas tree is pretty, Marilyn. The tea ornaments and candles...what a lovely idea. Your hutch is charming with the glass windows. You can see all your treasures inside. I also have glass on my china cabinet. Your candle adds a nice pop of red for Christmas. And I absolutely love that idea of the lights on the bird feeder. What a sight it must be to see the Christmas lights and a hummingbird stopping by. : ) This is one of my favorite posts of yours, Marilyn.


Lorrie said...

All the light we can get is most welcome on these damp and dark days.

Bernideen said...

Looking very festive Marilyn!

Mary said...

Looking lovely there Marilyn. Following the big snow we now have pouring rain - I still haven't been able to decorate the tree in the gazebo - hopefully Sunday will be drier and warmer and I can complete that.

Love the vintage lights around the feeder, such a great idea to help our little birds.
Mary X

Jeanie said...

I love seeing your beautiful home. It looks cozy, warm, and so inviting. I can only imagine how lovely it is to sit and just look at your pretty tree and your white-arrangement, gaze and the birds with the lights (brilliant) and just be peaceful. Perfection.

Adrienne said...

Your new little tree is perfect!I always love your dining room and the Christmas decorations make it even more wonderful. I have candles and lights everywhere and I've added more this year.