Wednesday, December 19, 2018

In the Village of Delight

 Day light
Evening light

There once was a village tucked away in the snow.
It sparkled with candle light too.
 Smiles on each one living there were a delight.
No one knew of their existence in that far away place.
The mice scampered there and the kittens
 were snug by the fire, each were accepted and loved.
In the forest there was plenty to eat
and gardens were grown in the sunlight.
When the nights became dark in mid winter
the quilts were tossed about for warmth
and the plum puddings were lite to celebrate the season.
Quietly I tiptoed to the edge of the village
and just out of sight I watched as the people of the
village danced and sang.
You might think their song was the wind, but listen closely.
Do you hear it as the stars twinkle above?
Do you dream of a little village to tuck in the quilts
or dance under the moonlight?
The celebration goes on whether you can hear it or not.
Let your imagination fly away,
close your eyes, listen and sing. 

My little village on the mantle delights me
and on cold winter nights I dream of the little people that
live there. Yes, I know they are there because I hear
their song in the wind.

In a hole under the big tree Mr. and Mrs. Seth Mouse 
are having tea.
They whispered in my ear and said to wish you 
all a very special Winter Solstice.
For now my whimsy is running away and 
it is time for my winter's nap.
Hope your week is most delightful.
Sending love to each of you.

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

This is so pretty. I love how you did the lights above the mantle. It is so festive and warm and lovely. And those sweet mice! The village is lovely -- oh, Marilyn. The stories you can create just looking at these!