Saturday, December 29, 2018

The End of the Year and a Greeting!

 No matter if the way is rocky or slippery with moss
life goes on.
 We must keep climbing, moving forward.
Some days are rough and then out of the rocky way
a flower blooms.
The blush of a new bloom leads the way.
It shares the beauty just in front of us.
I have been rather quiet this week, contemplating the end of the year
and the beginning of a new one.
By now some thought for the future year would have formulated in my mind.
For some reason this has been slow in coming.
I wrote not long ago about being open to the new year, 
but I just couldn't be open.
Just the word scared me.
But I have been paying attention
and finally it came.
My word for 2019 will be Trust.
Trust reminds me of a free fall.
I know it has something to teach me.
So I will be open to Trust and learn as the year goes along.

Happy New Year, dear friends! 
 Now there is one more Monday in 2018
and a tea quote will be here for one more time.


Jeanie said...

Trust is a big commitment for a word. I wish you well with it, given the world situation and all life brings. But it is a fabulous word, too. All good wishes.

Steph said...

Here's to your year of Trust! May it hold you safely in its arms.

Unknown said...

I put my Trust in the Lord we will all be blessed with a fabulous New Year and may every blessing be ours.
A perfect word going forward into a brand new year with brand new beginnings.
Love Jeanne

Adrienne said...

Happy New Year, Marilyn. I don't have a word for the new year yet. My sweetheart and I decided to have a word together and it hasn't come to us yet. Keep trusting, dear friend, and you will fine.

Lorrie said...

Trust is a great word, but not an easy one. Wishing you joy on the journey. Happy New Year, Marilyn!

Linda P said...

A trusting heart is a wonderful thing to have during our journey of life. May you be blessed as you continue into 2019. My word still continues to be PEACE. I pray that for myself, for you, your loved ones and for the world. Happy New Year Marilyn!