Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Each December my half-sister and I meet for tea or lunch,
just a small Christmas celebration for the two of us.
This year we met in Salem and enjoyed a walk on the grounds of
Deepwood Estates.
There was a holiday bazaar which we browsed,
but what we really enjoyed were just enjoying the sights around the grounds.
Looking back at my pictures I realized how much of the grounds is set for a party.
Each area had it's center focus.
And we found flowers still in bloom too.
It doesn't really show on this winter camellia,
but there was a lovely soft blush of pink on it.
Stepping into the greenhouse always feels like steeping into
a quiet, safe, warm womb. 
And again there were flowers in bloom.
I was delighted to find some whimsy in the greenhouse pond too.
Do  you see it?

Poinsettias always say Christmas.
And again two different places in the garden,
perfect for a quiet cup of tea or a special event like a wedding.
Next time I think I will take my cup of tea and sit awhile
in the gazebo and sip.

I love holiday traditions, especially when it includes special, dear ones.
Hoping you find time to include a dear friend or family member
in a time just to be together, walk, talk, sip some tea, and just enjoy the day.


Angela McRae said...

At this age and stage of life, I'm finding that *events* with friends and family at Christmas are more meaningful to me than gifts. I'm so pleased that you and your half-sister continue to enjoy this tradition. And what a gorgeous place for a visit!

Red Rose Alley said...

There's just something so charming about a gazebo. That's nice that you had a tea outing with your sister, Marilyn. The white poinsettias are so pretty, and I've been seeing them a lot this year. And Yes, I see the ducky in the pond. : )


Tracy said...

Such a lovely tradition you have with your sister, Marilyn, a sweet ritual to look forward to! :) What a wonderful place! Those gardens--that little white folly is beautiful! I could live there. ;) ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Such lovely place dear Marilyn - so glad you and sis got together, I know it was a special pre-Christmas time.

Sorry I've been missing - just having these health issues has put me off track for so long and for many things I need to be doing. . . . . .grrrrrrr!!!!

Jeanie said...

What a lovely idea and tradition, Marilyn. And what a beautiful venue. I loved your photos -- it's a gorgeous spot (and just right for conversation!)