Friday, July 31, 2020

From my Heart

Dear BIPOC and White Friends too,
I want to apologize to the BIPOC community for not speaking up, for remaining silent when my introvert person hides away. I have told myself during this time of pandemic it is safer for me, an older woman, to stay safely at home and thus not show up and stand beside you in protest of your treatment. My heart has been with you, but I have hidden away. I want you to know I love you, stand with you, and my words here must do my speaking.

In school I was taught white history; so I don’t know your history and haven’t asked.

In my wider family in the past I have heard racial comments and not spoken up and stood with you.

When I have stood beside you in the post office line I have thought I would like to know you, but not said a word to you.

When I shop I didn’t realize that for you the stores I am shopping in are designed for white people and that you might be uncomfortable being there, but going there because places you would feel comfortable are disappearing.

Most often I read books by white women, because that is where I feel most comfortable. I haven’t explored books available by BIPOC people.

I am remiss in so many little and big ways, please forgive me.

My dear white friends, do you even know what BIPOC stands for? I didn’t until this week, but then I didn’t bother to know. BIPOC is Black Indigenous People of Color. That means people with skin color darker than your own whiteness.

In traveling in other parts of the world I learned all people are the same, but I didn’t tell you I learned that. All people have a heart, they bleed like you and they cry like you. Their laughter delights me and their suffering saddens my heart.

We are one human race. We must learn to live together in harmony, love, and peace. With internet we have become one world and in that it is more than ever important to show kindness to each other.  Let us stop isolating and condemning each other. Let’s be open to embrace one another and listen, carry on that conversation, and learn from each other. Our lives would be much richer for doing so. What we believe to be true may only be your truth as you know it at the time, but in listening and learning you and I can continue to grow, learn, and become a better you and me.

All pictures are mine in travels to other parts of the world.
The first is a family on the beach in Thailand.
The second was artwork in France.
The third was a musician playing in the park in Barcelona.
And the fourth, which totally delights me, is dancing in the street
in Carcassone, France.

Please think on these words, which were inspired by my reading of Me and White Supremacy.
I am continuing to read and learn. More thoughts may come in the future.

Happy weekend, dear friends!

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Jeanie said...

Well said, Marilyn. Your words are the perfect words for our time. And a good reminder and lesson to us all.