Monday, August 2, 2021

Word for the Week


Recently I was reading Wintering, The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May. She talked about loosing her voice and going to a singing coach to get her voice back. At first she wasn't sure a singing coach would help, but with work her voice returned. He encouraged her to read out loud and to listen to her voice as she read. 

He used the example of Margaret Thatcher in the use of her voice. That Margaret was criticized if she talked in a strong or in a soft voice. She actually had to have elocution lessons when elected as prime minister so she could learn to speak in a way that didn't offend. They talked about how a women is judged by the tone of her voice where a man is not.

I find by not using my voice to speak for myself, I lose my power as a woman. Who is going to stand up for you/me and represent ourselves if not ourself? Listen to your words, grow in confidence.

Just yesterday in church my pastor asked what gifts you had that you could share with others. As people stood up and spoke in the microphone I waited. I was trying to muster my courage to say what my gift was into the microphone. Finally when others were finishing I knew I had to speak. With a clearing of my throat I spoke into the microphone and shared. Now no one bit my head off or criticized me for what I said, yet each time I must take a big breathe and be brave enough to use my voice. We all have something special to say and we must then listen.

Oh do you want to know what I said my gift was?  I said, "With all the ugliness in the world, my gift was noticing the beauty in the world and sharing it with others." Sort of simple, but so needed. In sharing, I needed to use my voice.

On Instagram if you ever visit there you can find me @marilyntea. Occasionally I read poetry and pour a cup of tea in a video. The main reason I do it is to allow my voice to be heard by both myself and others. Breathe in, pour the tea, and read. I wish I could share the videos here, but haven't figured it out yet.

So let's all speak our truth and share our voice with others, then listen.

Note: I chose pictures of birds that have shared their voices with me while out in nature. 


Lorrie said...

This is lovely, Marilyn. I'm glad you stood up and found the courage to share your words with your church. Pointing out the beauty in the world is important when there is so very much discord and ugliness.

Jeanie said...

You have a wonderful written voice and maybe one day I'll hear the real thing. I have a not-great speaking voice, but I still use it! This is a most thoughtful post -- and I think you nailed your gift just perfectly.