Friday, July 1, 2022

Overnight Adventure

 Are you "cautiously" venturing out?

Taking an adventure around people?

Wearing a mask and still keeping a bit of distance?

 Recently my "live-in gardener" and I went for a weekend with about 75 other brave (or maybe crazy) souls to camp right here for a weekend. Doors were left open, fans running, and masks worn indoors; but still several came down with Covid.

I knew it was a risk and thankfully neither my "live-in gardener" nor I got sick. It did feel good to be walking down this lane quietly with camera in hand and not see another person in the area.  For me it was an adventure with my camera, a quiet walk among ghosts.

It's an old campground. I am not even sure some of the cabins are used any longer.

The cabins almost seemed enchanted. I could imagine kids in the 1950's sneaking off for a secret rendezvous with a boy just met. Holding hands, whispering secrets or a stolen kiss out behind a tree. Ahhh, memories of camping long ago came flooding to my mind.

I could imagine once there were rafts full of laughing kids floating down the river. The water was higher than I had seen in awhile with snow melt. I have the feeling it was quite cold, but on a hot summer day it would have felt delightful.

And of course, if someone caught you kissing that sweet new boyfriend it would become the gossip of the camp. Even the birds would be sharing the news. Or do you think really they were just hungry for a snack. I wonder if the snack bar was open? What would you buy?

For me it would have been a strawberry Nehi and maybe a Big Hunk candy bar.

How I loved camping as a young girl.

It is something not often done anymore, but maybe I need to change that.

This coming week there will be an adventure with one little guy. More stories to share on another day.

Enjoy your summer days and go out and do something that both enchants and delights you.

Happy July Days, dear friends!


Linda P said...

My parents would rent a caravan for a week on a south coast island when I was young. I remember learning to ride a bike on one holiday. Later our holidays with Mr P and children were spent camping with church friends for a weekend or long holidays in Italy. They were always adventurous as we drove through Europe stopping at towns along the way then spending several weeks in Mr P's home village. Your camping weekend in the woods must have been interesting. Have a lovely time with your grandson.

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm so glad you got to go camping for the weekend, Marilyn. I used to take the kids when they were little, and now my front yard is a camp ground haha. Those sweet birds are singing to you. The river looks so peaceful. I'm so sorry to hear that some of the people got sick. I like the string of lights they put up along the woods. What an enchanting campground.


*when I did my post this morning, I thought of you because you have tea time often. Jess' little tea party was so delightful. I think you will love it. : )

Jeanie said...

Wow -- what a gorgeous camp venue. It does seem rather magical and I bet those cabins have some stories to tell. It looks like a lovely time -- though I wouldn't want to go anywhere with 75 people! That bird shot is a total gem.

Laura Morrigan said...

I have never gone to a camp, but I love the look of that old camp in the woods! Sounds like a great adventure!