Friday, March 24, 2023

My Birthday Luncheon with Family


A family adventure to Mt. Hood, Timberline Lodge, for my birthday lunch.


We were not sure how the roads would be, but what I requested for my birthday was a family lunch at the lodge high up on the mountain. Shortly after this picture we came to a waiting line to get into the parking lot. Thankfully we had reservations and they waved us on to the lodge. The weather was perfect with a full blue sky all around us.

The lodge was built by the WPA and the details are just exquisite. There is a small museum in the lodge, which I also enjoyed.


It was so cozy sitting by one of the fireplaces. I loved the snow from the lodge windows.

Here you can see the top of the mountain. It looks like you could just walk up there, but it is not so easy as it appears. FYI, Mt. Hood is part of the Cascade Range called The Ring of Fire, as they are volcanoes.

When my children were young my "live-in gardener" and I would bring them here for dinner by the fire on Christmas Eve. At the appointed hour Santa would arrive by sleigh pulled by real reindeer and have a gift for each child. It was magical. One year Santa came out of the fireplace instead of the sleigh.

All the curtains were hand woven. The loom is part of the museum.


And then my family gathered together to enjoy the buffet lunch. We had to comment that we hadn't seen a buffet since before the pandemic. It was a treat.

Grandson, D, enjoying a S'more cookie.


Son and daughter smiling just for me.

My dear friend that is part of our family.

And me with my "live-in gardener".


Part of the museum that disappeared for a few years. Originally this carving was at the entrance to the lodge.

All the posts on the stairs have carved animals. This one is cracked now, but in my eyes still beautiful.

One more glimpse from a window of the surrounding mountain side.

It was a perfect birthday celebration, just what I asked for.
Do you sometime request something special for your birthday?
If so, I hope you get exactly what you ask for.
Yes, dreams can come true!

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Jeanie said...

This is just terrific. A restaurant museum -- that would be high on my list, especially in the mountains or any place of natural beauty. I love every photo of all the smiling faces of your family and dear friend. And what a GREAT spot to visit on Christmas Eve with your kids -- what a great memory. It looks like the perfect birthday lunch!

Sometimes I request something special, not always.