Monday, March 13, 2023

Word Magic

 Believe is the word for this week.

What do you think of when you use or hear the word Believe?

Description I found online:

    verb:   accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.
    Yes, I accept/believe a lot of things, but still I question too. 
    When I think of the word believe I think:
    Do I believe in Santa Claus or in fairies?
    Do I believe in the power of the super-natural?
    Do I believe in magic?

    Certainly I want to believe in each of these things, but yet there are times of doubt and times when I say "wait, what?"

    In asking my son what he thought of the word believe he said "it comes from a vulnerable place", much like trust and hope.

    Still it is a word I like wrapping my mind around to the point where I hang the above ornaments on my Christmas tree and have large letters on my office wall that say Believe.
    So this week I am embracing Believe and paying attention to what I believe.
    If you are spiritual, believe shows up a lot in scripture.
    We are inspired to believe in miracles and answered prayers. 
    This year I started a journal where I write down things I am praying about.
    I think at the end of the year I will need to review those prayers and notice what my believing in prayer brought forth. 
    I am going to believe for this week that you have a totally terrific week.
    Sending love to each of you!


Jeanie said...

I rather like Tim's thought on the word believe. It's a word I love as well. But it can come with danger as well, as we've found out all too unfortunately in the past years.

Red Rose Alley said...

For me, this word is connected with hope and faith. I have a strong belief in certain things, and this is a very special word. A prayer journal is nice, Marilyn. This word comes at a perfect time. No hot water today, and that's not good with the snow and rain we're having. Electric Co. comes out today to reset the pilot light. It's getting late in the day, but I BELIEVE they will get here. : )


Mary said...

Dear Marilyn - thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you a very happy day and year ahead.
I've noticed that I don't receive notification of your blog posts on my blog feed anymore! I do get your kind comments on my blog (thanks), and I do see I'm still on your sidebar Followers list. Sorry if you have been thinking I don't comment on your blog posts - just haven't been seeing them. Of course I do see you on IG.
Maybe I need to 'Unfollow' and then join up again on your blog - I'll try doing that and see if it works.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us both xx

Rosemary said...

Believe is a very important word, whether it's for religious purposes, or simply a personal thought such as believing in myself - I believe that I can do it. Sometimes it's what gets me through a day. And, oh yes, I believe in fairies. Santa, well, he's in my heart.