Monday, March 6, 2023

Word Magic

 The word this week is JOY.

I think it is a magical word for sure.

Joy has been one my favorite words for the year in the past.

I love just thinking of that word.

Joy shows up in my Christmas decorations, see above.

And JOY hangs in my dining room all year long.

I keep adding sparkles to it just because it makes me feel so happy to see them.

Sometimes I actually hang this in the window just to get the most out of the sparkles.

This year I added the word Believe to the JOY. More sparkles for sure, but also I just have to believe in JOY.
Definition of JOY: "
a feeling of great pleasure and happiness."
"tears of joy"
Paying attention to what brings me JOY has become a life's ambition. Snapping a picture or walking in nature I notice what gives me JOY.  When I adopted my cat, Joey, I said if I found a girl cat, she would be named JOY. Since Joey was a boy cat, I named him Joy for Joey. So even though I call him Joey, he is Joy for Joey to me.
What do you think of when you hear the word JOY? 
Do you notice JOY when it surrounds you?
Have a great week, dear friends!
Go out and notice JOY.


Jeanie said...

I love the word 'joy.' It sounds like how I feel it is -- light, happy, soaring. I had no idea about Joey's name and I just love that story! On my FB page a friend tagged me to post 10 photos -- one a day -- without explanation of something that brings me joy. So, you can see a few of those over there! I think the trouble will be narrowing it down to one a day!

Red Rose Alley said...

JOY is one of the best words. It says so much. To me, joy is just simple happiness. And it doesn't take much to bring joy to my life and a smile to my face. It's the little things sometimes that bring the most joy. Great word, Marilyn.


Lorrie said...

Joy is a wonderful word, Marilyn! Joy is deeper than happiness, I think, and can occur even in sadness. I'm feeling joy today at the bright sunshine with its warmth and the sight and sound of birds wittering and twittering.