Friday, May 19, 2023

Adventure to Blaine, Washington

After my adventure to California you would think I would come home to rest. Nope! That didn't happen. My sister-in-law had reserved a time share in Blaine, Washington, which happens to be very near the Canadian border. With a 12 hour stop at home to re-pack and hop in my car, my "live-in gardener" and I were off for a few days in northern Washington state. When we set this all up I was a bit doubtful about this quick turn around, but in the end it worked quite well. I loved both visits in California and then in Washington.

 Peace Arch Historical State Park in Blaine, WA

 "It is a uniquely beautiful park that celebrates the unguarded US/Canadian border"

We parked in the USA and walked across the border into Canada.

"A 19 acre park that spans the border and you can walk right into Canada without showing your passport."

"The 67 foot Peace Arch was the vision of Sam Hill, a prominent road builder, Quaker and humanitarian, who built many landmark structures in Oregon and Washington Hill bought property in both countries for the construction of the arch. It was dedicated to peace and is still one of very few in the world."

Then each evening we enjoyed the sunset from our place near the water.

On another day we drove to Ferndale, Washington to have lunch and explore.

After a delicious taco salad at a local restaurant I looked on the map and saw there was a Fragrant Garden nearby. It was designed with those that were handicapped or blind to enjoy, but I enjoyed it also.

It was quite easy to touch fragrant herbs and flowers as they were wheelchair height.


The tower was fun to climb; though not accessible for handicapped people.

The view from the top.

There was also a board walk out to a swampy, bird nature reserve. I loved the walk through the swampy, tree surrounding area. What a treasure to have found just on my phone map.

Did you guess, I love walking outdoors in nature! One of my favorite things to do. In both my adventure to California and then to Washington I was given the gift of nature surrounding me. What a treat!

Impromptu adventures can be surprisingly wonderful.

Have a great weekend, dear friends!



Jeanie said...

What a wonderful second getaway -- and quite a big one, too. It looks like loads of fun and you saw some wonderful things. How does home feel now? Good to be back?

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog