Monday, May 22, 2023

Word Magic

 Green is the word this morning.


definition: of the color between blue and yellow in the spectrum; colored like grass or emeralds"the leaves are bright green" the color of grass and trees


Each morning as I sip my morning tea I watch out the window. I see the occasional neighbor walking their dog down the sidewalk, but mostly I see two amazing dogwoods, grass, and plants in the garden. Oh, plus the occasional appearance of a hummingbird. But primarily it is green.
Then up closer to the house is the plum tree. Can you see plums (in green) beginning to form in the green leaves? 

 In the definition it mentions emeralds. Both of my children were born in May and the stone for May is an emerald. Several years ago I had a mother's ring made with two emeralds representing my dear ones.
The past few years I have realized how the color green just touches my heart. I search for it around me. I want to be wrapped in this lushest of colors. It refreshes my soul. It allows me to breathe.  

My fascination with the color green has led me to search out plates, glasses, and teaware in green. It just puts a smile on my face to see it on my table. It just seems to go with everything to me. In this picture I have added the Wedgewood cabbage plate to my violet china. To me it is a fun combination and sings to my heart. 
Growing up my favorite color was yellow. I think I chose that color because it was a much maligned color.  Most little girls were loving pink. But as I have gotten older I find myself gravitating to green. It does bring me joy.
So this week notice the color green as you go about your week.
Where are you seeing this gorgeous color?
What is your favorite color?


Red Rose Alley said...

As I get older, I am appreciating the color green more too, Marilyn. It's the color of nature, so it's a calming color. Your cabbage plate adds a little something to your china. How wonderful it will be to get ripened plums from the plum tree. Since I'm also a May birthday girl, my birthstone Emerald has always spoken to my heart. Looking out your window, the walkway is so green and pretty. Now, I may look for pretty green things in the shops when I browse.

Have a splendid week, Marilyn.


Linda P said...

I agree with Sheri that green is such a calming colour and I'm happy that everything is greening up in the natural world in the UK right now. Much of our household soft furnishings and table ware are in shades of green. I love your cabbage plate.

Mary said...

I'm definitely an "all shades of green" person too! I think you can't argue with that when one is a gardener/nature lover.
I love those Kousa dogwoods where the blossoms come out with the leaves. Here, our native dogwoods bloom early - and are stunning - with leaves coming later.
Heading home today - hope it goes better than the journey out! California has been HOT but lovely - wish we could have had time to visit you XX

Anonymous said...

Green, always green, has been my favorite color since I was a little girl. When playing board games I had to have the green game piece or I was not a happy camper! And in the world of nature there seems to be no end of the shades of green and that makes my heart happy! :) Susan