Monday, May 29, 2023

Word Magic

 The word for this week is RELEASE.

When I hear that word what comes to mind is "catch and release" in fishing. I once upon a time tried to learn to fly fish, but never caught a thing. To tell you the truth I didn't want to hurt that little fish. But the joy of just standing either in the water in my thigh high boots or on the shore line was pure delight. Feeling the sun shine on my back and listening to the water flow by released tension in my shoulders. Nature does that for me and each morning I anticipate the moments that I walk out my door and snap a picture from my garden just to release tension, clear my mind and release sleepiness from my eyes to start the day.

The above picture was taken yesterday. It is a stream that was supposed to be contained to run a mill for grinding flour, but yet it ran free both above the below the mill. The sounds of a free flowing stream which was once confined but now was allowed to be released to flow freely was a beautiful thing.

from Merriam-Webster: to set free from restraint, confinement, or servitude.

 Recently I watched hundreds of swallowtail butterflies in migration. I worried that I had not seen butterflies in a very long time and that global warming was hurting them. It was a thrill to see some still flying free and released into the world to populate and grow naturally.

Yesterday I took an hour to attend a gathering on zoom for meditation and a sip of tea. The gathering was called "Touching the Earth" and we were encouraged to walk out on the grass and breathe. To be aware of our connection between the earth and our feet, be open and then to release tension and what is holding us back, letting positivity flow through us. The leader encouraged us to create in our minds a thinking box. As we released tensions and worries to put them in that thinking box and to just celebrate being alive and embrace hope.

This little bird flew into my yard early one morning. He also gave me hope for the future. He visited me on my morning excursion in the garden. He helped me to release tension and focus on the beauty that surrounds me.

So for this week, create that "thinking box" in your mind to release things that are heavy on your heart. Tuck them away in the "thinking box" and release tight shoulders and grasp hope.



Sandi Magle said...

This was a lovely way to start the week. We've been living in such chaos since February, with no end in sight, so being mindful to just breathe a bit now and then definitely helps. Hugs, Sandi

Jeanie said...

What beautiful examples of "release," Marilyn. This is peaceful and thoughtful, just lovely. And, it's a good reminder of letting go and releasing ourselves, our stuff, those around us.