Friday, May 12, 2023

Adventure to California

My trip to California was two-fold. I had planned to visit my favorite cousin sometime this year, but when my half-brother passed away last December the memorial service was planned for the end of April about an hour from my cousins home. There was a very special visit with my cousin and her family. What can I say, the memorial service was as special as my brother would have wanted.

The poppies above always remind me of California, where I grew up.

My cousin is a walker, but not to go out in the wilderness hiking. I found this place not to far from her home and we went hiking at a nature preserve. There were egrets, herons, and other birds, but most were elusive when the camera was lifted.

It became a joke with my cousin when she would see me lean down to take a picture of what I called a "wild flower". She called them "weeds". I loved even the thistles and the yellow wild mustard.

There was plenty of water for the birds this year, which is a great relief after the drought of many years.

The two birds I captured with my camera were a American Avocet (a water fowl) and red wing black bird.

 Then my last day before returning to Portland and another adventure is the Sacramento Rose Garden.

I loved seeing the roses in full bloom, as they haven't started blooming here in Portland. They were spectacular. I think the first rose picture was my favorite of all the roses. Isn't is beautiful?

They were all picture perfect and ready for their close-ups.

If my cousin read my blog, she would want me to take this picture down. My cousin is on the left and her daughter (who is named after me and a cousin of her husbands - Mari Lyn) and myself on the right.

I see I have begun this post and closed with flowers. Of course I did! I love flowers everywhere I go.

It was a wonderful adventure to California and the sunshine was just perfect.

Happy weekend, dear friends!

Go out and smell the flowers of springtime today!


DUTA said...

Lovely captures! The picture of the three ladies is very nice and will make a good memory!

Mary said...

First, so glad your trip was full of happy moments despite the main reason for your visit. Love the pic of you with your cousin and her daughter - and all the roses and scenic views are just gorgeous.

Second - how I wish our trip could have been a week earlier and then we perhaps could have met up again dear Marilyn. We leave Wed. - hear it's going to be very hot - but as long as the earthquakes let up I'll be happy!

We have one busy day in Sacramento for the memorial we're attending, then at the end of the visit one day on our own when we return from Redding where we'll meet my distant cousin for the first time - exciting - so may have to seek out that beautiful rose garden for a fragrant stroll.

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow dear friend.
Mary X

Jeanie said...

This sounds like a beautiful and lovely trip, even if the impetus was for a sadder occasion. I don't know why your cousin wouldn't like that photo -- I think you all look fabulous! And those roses are stunners. What a good time.

Linda P said...

I'm glad that you were able to travel to California for the memorial service and you met up with your relatives. The roses in the rose garden are really lovely. We have a few buds on our roses and they should bloom next month.

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time in California, Marilyn. I just took a trip to So Cal. But I see you were in northern Cal close to my home area when you visited the Rose Garden. Oh, they are blooming beautifully. That red flower is so pretty also. Have you heard of California Botanical Gardens in So Cal? We just visited, and it was so interesting seeing all the blooms. I know you would have loved it, as you love flowers and plants and trees. You mentioned the wild mustard. It's growing like crazy in So Cal, and is beautiful on the hills with its yellow color. That's a nice picture of the red wing black bird. And yes, the lakes and rivers are filled right now with all the rain we've had. That's a dear picture of you and your cousin, and I hope you always remember this time spent with her.

Have a happy week, Marilyn.

~Sheri made me smile that you call the weeds, "wild flowers." Me too! ; )