Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Water Bottle Comfort

My massage therapist always has a warm water bottle to put behind my neck or on my back after she massages an area. It is so soothing, like a cup of warm tea. My mother had a water bottle, but until I had one put on me after the massage I hadn't realized how soothing it was. Now in the winter when it is cold outside a warm water bottle is a real treat to take to bed with a good cup of tea and a good book. If you haven't tried one in a long time or ever, try it you will like it. A friend gave me the flannel dress for it that makes it even more cozy. A water bottle makes a special inexpensive gift too.


Annie Jeffries said...

Oh no. You are sick in bed!? Get well soon. Hugs, Annie

Marilyn Miller said...

No, you just saw my water bottle before I added the words. I am not sick, but a water bottle is a great thing for being sick or not.

Annie Jeffries said...

That's so funny. Glad you are not sick though you have definitely come up with an excellent symbol for illness when words fail. :-)

Steph said...

I have two, and I LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

I have a sheep hot water bottle cover as well as numerous rice bags. I love them. SO comforting!

Love your pumpkin!

La Tea Dah said...

A lovely idea. I still have the little water bottle that I used for my babies. I should probably get a large one as well. Have you tried the wheat or rice-filled socks that you microwave and use as a theraputic, heated pillow? Those are nice too.

Great post!