Monday, November 3, 2008

Walking in Barcelona

Las Rambles, the main shopping avenue through Barcelona. For our visit to Barcelona we chose to not take a tour, but explore on foot. Did we ever walk, our feet were sore by the end of the day. Our only regret was missing the Gaudi architecture, which would be a must if we ever go back. For lunch along the avenue we stopped and enjoyed tapas.
My goal on Las Rambles Boulevard was to find Escriba chocolate shop. Escriba opened it's doors in 1906; so I figured it must be good to be in business so long. It was.

In our wanderings we came across churches. This church we passed a couple times from different directions in our search for the Picasso Museum. We did eventually find the museum, which we enjoyed. We also found many quaint streets, market places, and interesting looking shops.
One of the streets we wandered down.
We found at least two tea shops.
Great architecture. This building is decorated with umbrella motifs.
Christopher Columbus statue.
The Port of Barcelona building.
Each city we visited had it's own distinct architecture. I would love to explore Barcelona more. There was a whimsy in what they add to their buildings and shops. My appetite was just touched, but not satisfied. There might need to be another visit here.


Rosemary said...

Thanks for the stroll down Las Ramblas... down memory lane! I loved the little street you showed - so typically Spanish. I hope to get back to Spain someday soon! Nancy

Anonymous said...

Oh Marilyn, these are beautiful photos! Tony and I have long wanted to visit Barcelona! It's just lovely .... thanks for sharing.