Friday, November 21, 2008


A passion flower, taken in the garden at the Borghese Museum in Rome, Italy.
This week I started reading Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. I arrived at page 18 and there were questions to be answered. I did Ok on the first three, but then the fourth question had me thinking and not sure what to write. The questions were: Who in my life has passion? What questions could I ask her/him about her/his story? I wrote these questions in my journal and pondered them. The only people I could think of were people like Martin Luther King and Amelia Earhart, not just every day people I know. I have wondered what identifies passion in a person around me. How do I or you identify this in someone you know? What makes them passionate when others don't seem to have a passion? Should we nurture more passion in our children? I am coming up with more questions than answers at this point, but any thoughts would be appreciated.
PS: As I wrote this I am reminded of one person so close to me I almost missed it, my son. He has great passion for his art and writing. His passion is so strong, he refuses to work on anything but this and thus is living in my basement. Will his passion pay off, will he get the recognition with a job or a published work? It is definitely something I see each day. I can appreciate it when I see it in some one in history, but can I appreciate it when I see it so close to me? The struggle continues.


La Tea Dah said...

Excellent thoughts. My 'passion people' are also individuals in history. They change from moment to moment. This week it's Narcissa Whitman --- and sometimes it's been women like Princess Diana or Rachel Ray.

I think it's important to find individuals who we have actual human contact with as well. Thanks for the reminder.


Steph said...

Isn't that an amazing book? I have devoured it quickly and savored it slowly.

Alice said...

The composer Erik Satie said "Music or groceries." To me, that's the definition of true passion.