Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Florence, Italy

The Gold Bridge where all the gold vendors have their shops.
Beautiful church covered in soft pink marble.
The star attraction in Florence is David.
A typical street in Florence with the fruit vendor.
Pinocchio showed up in many places. The little boy in the picture wants to become friends.
Spires from the market place.

Our tour began and ended at the market place. There were vendors from many European countries represented here. There also were statues everywhere you looked. A beautiful city worth spending time exploring.

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Denise said...

When you began to post your photos of Italy, I admired them and never thought I'd be flying to northern Italy for an 11 day visit myself in October! Just back and haven't posted my photos yet. I have to laugh, who would have thought I'd be hurredly updating my passport or a free flight to/from and hotel in Milan? But it happened and I'm home. Enjoying your southern Italy photos.