Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally Rome

Saint Angelo Castle and bridge. We passed it many times in our excursions, but didn't go into it.
The Coliseum. Amazing to see something from history and pinch myself that I was actually walking in the steps of Romans and Christians. There was a cross inside to honor the Christians slain here.
The Forum and Palatine Hill taken from the Coliseum.
The arch where triumphant soldiers would march after battle, just outside of the Coliseum.
The Vatican.
St. Peters Square. My husband said it was our front room to Rome. We stayed in a B&B just across the street from the Vatican.
Inside the Basilica.
Our final day in Rome we visited the Borghese Museum and beautiful grounds, then walked to the Spanish Steps where we had tea at Babington's Tearooms.
This concludes my vacation in Europe. I hope you have enjoyed it. There will be other pictures to share from time to time, as I loved taking pictures of doors, door knobs, windows, flowers, food, and fun things I saw along the way.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every word and photo of your trip, Marilyn. Thank you so much for sharing.