Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tea at the Pond

 Once in the while I get a crazy idea to have tea somewhere out of the ordinary.
Whitaker Pond is 5 minutes from my house by car.
I wanted to do a tea photo shoot, but decided since I was going to do the work
why not invite a couple friends along for the adventure.
Fortunately my "live-in gardener" will play along.
Wednesday morning I had him take the table and chairs to the pond 
and set them up for tea, then I drove my friends there for this surprise.
It was a morning English teatime on the pond.
Do you see the duck in the first picture watching us?
If the sun hadn't been so bright and hot we would have stayed longer;
but it was a lovely time of visiting, sipping tea, and nibbling.
A time to celebrate the outdoors at the end of summer.
We had fruit, pistachios, rice crackers, goat cheese, salami, smoked salmon,
and nori crackers.
Both teas came from Lochan Tea in India.
First we sipped Doke Black Fusion Tippy, Second Flush 2019, Bihar, Hand Made Organic Black Tea;
then Niroulla Summer Smoked, Second Flush 2019, Darjeeling, Naturally Grown Small Grower.
Both were delicious, but we all were surprised at how delicious the Niroulla Summer Smoked
Darjeeling was. We all thoroughly enjoyed this tea and agreed we would love more.
 What fun to sit with dear friends and enjoy a good cup of tea.
Being in nature is pure delight for me made more special by sharing with friends.
Create moments of delight,
time to share with dear friends!

HAPPY WEEKEND, dear friends!


Jeanie said...

Love that Live In Gardener is always glad to join you in tea because it's so important to you -- and looks very fun. (I must say, you all eat very well, not just enjoy the tea!). It looks like a terrific afternoon!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a delightful tea time with your friends, Marilyn. And your pictures are wonderful. Everything from the table and chairs to the goodies you served to the blue tea cups and table setting. Not sure if I mentioned to you, but blue tea cups are my favorite. You did such a lovely job on the photos, Marilyn. You really enjoy special moments and the simple things in life. : )


Thelma said...

What a beautiful setting for a tea. I love the blue and white china and your tea selections and all the delicious food. Wish I'd been there.

sustainablemum said...

What a wonderful idea and such a beautiful setting!

Linda P said...

A lovely setting for afternoon tea. So glad your Dear One helped you set up the tables and chairs. Your friends got a lovely surprise and it's always a delight to share with friends sampling the teas and enjoying delicious food.

Mary said...

I need a pond!!!!!

Rosemary said...

What an absolutely fantastic way to celebrate friendship, and the perfect location for tea. Your menu sounds easy and delicious, your teas added to the extra special event. Love and joy, peace and happiness, friendship and more, captured in this moment.Thank you for taking us along!

Louca por porcelana said...

How amazing!