Saturday, December 3, 2022

And Let the Season Begin

When I visit the Monticello Antique Mall at Christmas it takes me to another world of fantasy and delight. I can imagine riding off through the snow in this amazing sleigh for a Christmas ball. Would you like to come along?

Or maybe this small sled to fly down a snowy hill. The lanterns, lit of course, could be placed along the way to mark the path.

And of course we need a pretty dress. Is this the one?

I can't wait to dance under sparkling lights and crystals shining at the ball.

To tell you the truth I want one of these chandeliers to dance under each and every day.

And the baubles are hung on the tree just sparkling in the light.

Maybe this dress would be your choice?

I do believe this is the one!

Now put your dancing shoes on for it is time to celebrate, sing, and just delight in the season. May you have a blessed and joyful month of December as we celebrate Christmas.
Have a terrific weekend, dear friends! 
I am off to find some greens.


Mary said...

Oh my, look at those chandeliers! Never can have too many, haha!
What a lovely place to visit Marilyn - would love to have been there with you.
Happy December - busy time and hopefully good weather will continue - it makes attending Christmas functions, and shopping, so much easier!

Jeanie said...

I can see why this is definitely a seasonal kickstarter for you and for anyone who loves beautiful things. It's magical, isn't it? They do a magnificent job with their decor (and I bet you've found more than a few gifts there over the years!)

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I love this antique mall. I could browse in there for hours. I love those baubles in different colors hanging from the tree. And those lanterns look so old and charming. Reminds me of the 1800's, my favorite era. And the antique furniture there is so lovely.

Have a wonderful Christmas season, Marilyn.